Big Bang is a South Korean band formed by YG Entertainment in 2006. This band consists of four members named TOP, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang. Seungri, a former band member, took retirement from this industry on 11 March 2019. They have been dubbed the “King of K-Pop” for maximizing the spread of the Korean wave on an International level.

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The “King of K-Pop” remains the most influential act in the history of K-pop. Along with producing extraordinary albums and music, Big Bang is known for setting trends, creating experiments in the field of music, and self-production.

Big Bang Debut

They debut in the K-pop industry through their first album named ‘Big Bang Vol.1’. After releasing their first album, they received great success at their singles too. Their single called ‘lies’ topped the Korean music chart and broke records for several top-hit songs. This song became the “Song of the year” and won the best song award at Mnet Korean Music Festival in 2007.

Big Bang Members

Currently, Big Bang consists of four members named TOP, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung. Earlier, this band consists of 5 members, including Seungri. However, he announced his retirement from this industry on 11 March 2019. This band made its debut on 19 August 2006 under the name of YG Entertainment.

Big Bang band is famous for delivering many popular albums as well as solo albums. G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang, released his solo album named ’Heartbreaker’ in 2009, which was an instant hit. Also, he comes among those K-pop stars who earn royalties from their self-composed songs.

Big Bang Ages

The fandom name of the Big Bang band stands for ‘VIP.’ Their band originated from Seoul, South Korea, and worked with many record labels like YG Entertainment, Avex Group, Warner Music Group, and YGEX. They generally focus on genres like hip hop, K-pop, and J-pop. The bio-data and ages of Big bang members are mentioned below-


  • Role- Lead Rapper, Vocalist
  • Real name- Choi Seung-Hyun
  • D.O.B- 4 November 1987
  • Age –Presently 34 years old
  • Nationality- South-Korean

G- Dragon

  • Role- Leader of the group & Main rapper
  • Real name- Kwon Ji-Yong
  • D.O.B- 18 August 1988
  • Age –Presently 33 years old
  • Nationality- South-Korean


  • Role- Lead Vocalist
  • Real name- Dong Yong Bae
  • D.O.B- 26 April 1989
  • Age –Presently 33 years old
  • Nationality- South-Korean


  • Role- Lead Vocalist
  • Real name- Kang Daesung
  • DOB- 26 April 1989
  • Age –Presently 32 years old
  • Nationality- South-Korean

Big Bang Albums

After debuting in the Korean market, they took to the Japanese Industry with two extended songs named With U and For the world. This band has released eight extended albums, eight studio albums, ten live albums, eight compilation albums, two reissues, and four singles. 

g Bang


With the release of Lollipop, back in 2009, they resumed all their activities in the Korean region. This song was used to promote LG’s Lollipop phone. This song made its place on top charts and became an instant hit in the industry.

Big Bang Songs

Along with releasing group songs like A fool of tears, A good man, Bad Boy, Bae Bae, Always, etc., they have launched many solo songs. Heartbreaker is the first solo song by G-Dragon, which became viral in the industry instantly.

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