If you are a music enthusiast, you most definitely have come across this insanely talented South Korean girl band named Blackpink. Creating ripples in the entire music industry with their music and talent, their fame is not only limited to South Korea, but they have rapidly taken over the West as well.

Even though the girl band officially made its debut in 2016, the group formation and member selection process had already begun in the early part of 2010.

YG Entertainment, who is also responsible for the creation and debut of another successful girl group: 2NE1, is also responsible for the formation of Blackpink.



Blackpink Debut

The tryouts for the recruitment of preteen girls for the new band were conducted worldwide.

After selecting a few girls among the thousands that auditioned around the globe, they were put through rigorous training for years. The confirmation about the band’s debut was not made until May 2016 by YG Entertainment.

Blackpink Names and Ages

The band was originally supposed to have as many as nine members, but only four were confirmed. Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose were then introduced one by one to the world as the official member of the band. The name, Blackpink was finalized among many others.

The name serves as a reminder of what this group encompasses, which is both great beauty and an insane amount of talent.

On August 8, 2016, the band made its debut with a single album titled “Square One”. Jisoo is the oldest member and the vocalist of the band, as she is 26 years old. Jennie is 25 years old and is also a model apart from being a singer and a rapper. Lisa, which is short for Lalisa, is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer and is 24 years old, the same as her other band member Rose, who is also a vocalist and a dancer.

Blackpink Albums and Songs

The girl group started making and simultaneously breaking several records and featuring on many music lists soon after their debut. Time and again this group’s songs have made it to many Billboard music charts. “How You Like That” and “Kill This Love” are the music videos made by them, that have also broken and set a few Guinness World Records. Their music generally deals in genres of K-pop, EDM, hip hop, and trap.

They also made their first reality show “Blackpink House”, comprising 12 episodes in January 2018. This show became a huge success. Soon after the group also set out on their first-ever world tour.

The girl group started garnering a lot of attention internationally. This led them to make a few collaborations with other international stars.

They have collaborated with Dua Lipa for the track “Kiss and Makeup”, with Lady Gaga for a song track named “Sour Candy” and with Selena Gomez for a single named “Ice Cream”.

Apart from the band, all the members have also made their solo debuts under YG Entertainment. Their popularity has been recognized internationally by media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, and Billboard.

The spread of the Korean Wave is largely associated with the South Korean boy bands, but the emergence of Blackpink has proved otherwise.

They have bagged several awards throughout their career, some of them being: The teen Choice Award, Golden Disc Awards, MTV Video Music Award, and People’s Choice Award among others. They have so far released two studio albums, four live albums, 3 Eps, four single albums, and ten singles.



Blackpink Merch

K-pop has become an iconic industry internationally. It is expected that their merch is just as iconic and in demand. There are some astonishing Blackpink merches available worldwide. The Blink; the Blackpink’s fan club can now extensively shop some unique merch on several online as well as offline stores.

Blackpink shop

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