BOL4, Blushing Youth, Blushing Puberty, or Bolbbalgan Sachungi are the various names that are used to refer to Bolbbalgan4. All the K-pop fans might have surely come across this supremely talented and amazing duo at some point. 

If you are a music fanatic, the K-pop wave must have reached you by now. Originated in South Korea, this music has reached around the globe in the past few years. Not only in Asia but K-pop is largely celebrated and loved in the western world as well. 

K-pop has garnered a global fanbase in recent years. Not only is this music thoroughly loved, but the K-pop artist is extensively treasured and worshipped. Their style and fashion are also followed and imitated by their fans.

In the year 2020, K-pop music showed a record-breaking, impressive, and shocking growth of 44%. This also made it the most rapid-growing music sector in the market during that year.



Bolbbalgan4 Debut:

Bolbbalgan4 is a dynamic and young duo of girls. This is one of many South Korean Musical groups, that is part of the current K-pop wave. This group is produced and managed by Shofar Music Company. Bolbbalgan4 had signed a contract with Shofar Music after they had made an appearance on a TV show named Superstar K6.

Superstar K6 was the sixth season of the famous talent show on TV in South Korea. The eliminations are made in every episode based on audience voting. The show has given a lot of bright talents to the South Korean Music Industry.

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Even though the Bolbbalgan4 duo could not make it to the finals, they had attracted several music labels, who wanted to sign them. After rejecting several others, the group finally signed the contract with Shofar Music. 

They made their official debut on 22 April 2016. The debut was made by the song “Fight Day” from their first album “Red Ickle”.

Bolbbalgan4 Members:  

Bolbbalgan4 consisted of two members (a duo), Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-Yoon. Ahn and Woo, both come from Yeongju city. They both come from the same city. Not only did they share the same city but also shared the same high school. After being classmates for a long they eventually became friends. 

They astonishingly also had the same dream; to become a K-pop singer one day. Initially, they were skeptical as both could not dance very well. Later on, they went ahead and participated in the reality tv show “Superstar K6” along with other two of their friends. Though none of them won the show or made it to the finals, Ahn and Woo had wooed quite some music labels with their musical skills and talent.

While Ahn Ji-young is the Main Vocalist and has an adolescent girl personality, Woo Ji-Yoon is the Sub Vocalist, Main guitarist, and Main Rapper and is a very shy person. The group took a hiatus in 2018 because Ahn had to undergo some music classes. But they made a comeback the very next year by making their Japan debut in 2019.

Unfortunately, in April 2020, an announcement was made by Shofar Music, that Woo had departed from the company and the duo.

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Bolbbalgan4 Member Ages:

Ahn Ji-young was born on 14 September 1995 and is 25 years old.

Woo Ji-Yoon was born on 6 January 1996 and is also 25 years old. 



Bolbbalgan4 Albums and Songs: 

The duo released only one studio album so far on 29 August 2016, which consisted of a total of 10 songs. A total of 7 EPs have been released until now. They have also released 23 single tracks and have made 4 collaborations. 

Some of the most famous Bolbbalgan4 songs are as follows: “Some”, “We Loved”, “Fix Me”, “Butterfly and Cat”, “To My Youth”, and “Stars Over Me” and “You and I from the Beginning” among many others. The duo always intended to create pure music. Ahn Ji-young will now continue to make music as a soloist under the same group name.

Bolbbalgan4 Merch:

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Bolbbalgan4 Shop:

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