The boyfriend band is considered one of the popular brands and was renowned for its outstanding performances in pop music and albums. The band has gained much fame across their locations, and they also made changes in the Korean pop music industry.


Boyfriend was created in the year 2011. Starship Entertainment created this boy group. On the 26th of May, 2011, Boyfriend debuted as an official K-pop group on Mnet’s MCountdown with their debut song “Boyfriend.”




Boyfriend debuted with six members in 2011, namely: Lee Jeongmin, Shim Hyunseong, Jo Kwangmin, Kim Donghyun, Jo Youngmin, and No Minwoo. It was the first K-pop boy group that had twin members, i.e., Jo Kwangmin and Jo Youngmin.

  • Kim Donghyun is a South Korean singer, model, and actor. He was born in the year 1989 on the 12th of February in Seoul city of South Korea. Kim Donghyun is currently known for his lead roles in various k-dramas. Donghyun was the lead vocalist of Boyfriend. He has also starred in many k-dramas and films, namely; “Love and War 2”, “Love Frequency 37.2”, “Oh! My Captain”, “Life Book Worm,” “Bloom,” “Love is Amazing, but I Hate Being Lonely!”, “GOGO Ikemen 5” (which was a Japanese Drama), “Insa,” “The Miracle,” and many more.

            Age: Kim Donghyun’s age is 32 years.

  • Shim Hyeonseong was born in 1993 on the 9th of June in Seoul, South Korea. He is a South Korean Singer. He is currently under Dorothy Communications as a singer. Shim Hyeonseong made his first solo debut in the year 2020 on the 12th of October. Some of his singles are “Wind Road,” “Nights,” “Nothing Happens,” and “Baby, I.”

            Age: Shim Hyeongdeong’s age is 28 years.

  • Lee Jeongmin was born in 1994 on the 2nd of January in Suwon-si, South Korea. South Korean singer Lee Jeongmin made his solo debut in 2019 on the 19th of June, with his first single album, “Small But Certain Happiness (Nearby).” He made more albums which are: “Why?”, “Winter Dream” and “Rewind.” He is currently under Cross-Phase Entertainment.

            Age: Lee Jeongmin is 27 years old.

  • Jo Kwangmin was one of the twin members of Boyfriend. He was born in the year 1995 on the 24th of April in Seoul, South Korea and is a South Korean singer, rapper, model, and actor. He was the main rapper of Boyfriend. He has starred in quite a several K-dramas and films, namely: “Saxophone and Chapssaktteok,” “Country Princess,” “All My Love For You,” “Unkind Ladies,” “Ode to the Goose,” etc. 

            Age: Jo Kwangmin’s age is 26 years.

  • Jo Youngmin, Jo Kwangmin’s twin, was born on the same day as Jo Kwangmin in Seoul, South Korea. He is a South Korean model, singer, and actor. Well known for his k-dramas. He has starred in various dramas and films which are as follows; “High Kick!”, “All My Love For You,” “Save The Family,” “Unkind Ladies,” “My Name is Trot,” “The Warrior’s Way,” “A History of Jealousy,” and many more. 

            Age: Jo Youngmin is 26 years old.

  • No Minwoo was born in 1995 on the 31st of July in Anyang, South Korea. No Minwoo is a South Korean rapper. He debuted in Boyfriend in the year 2011. He was also the main rapper of Boyfriend, along with Jo Kwangmin. No Minwoo was considered to have the most fluent English amongst all the Boyfriend members. 

            Age: No Minwoo’s age is 26 years.



The band has produced many albums and songs in the pop industry which made people fall for the music choices and performance. They have not only gained popularity in Korea but it has created  a huge fanbase all over the world.


Here is the list of albums of Boyfriend:

  • Boyfriend (2011)
  • Janus (2012)
  • Love Style (2012)
  • I’ll Be There (2011)
  • Seventh Color (2014)
  • Witch (2014)
  • Seventh Mission (2013)
  • Bouquet (2019)
  • Another Goodbye (2015)
  • Obsession (2014)
  • Summer (2017)


Boyfriend has released beautiful songs since their debut in 2011; here is the list of a few songs from their vast collection of songs:

  • Typiara (2017)
  • Witch (2014)
  • I’ll Be There (2011)
  • I yah (2012)
  • Bounce (2015)
  • YOU & I (2011)
  • But two (2011)
  • Christmas Day (2017)
  • On & On (2014)
  • My Avatar (2014) etc.

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