BtoB is a k-pop boy band group that was formed in the year 2012 and is still going on. The band initially had seven members, and one of the members left the group in the year 2020. Let us see about the various information about the group.



BtoB Debut

BtoB is a boy band in South Korea initially of seven members, which was reduced to six members in the year December 2020. They made their debut in the year 2012. They were launched by Cube entertainment. Cube Entertainment is a record label company that produces music and records and manages and organizes different events. The company has been awarded different awards such as the golden disc awards and Gaon chart music awards and many more awards for different sections. They have been handling BtoB from their establishment to date.

BtoB members

BtoB initially had seven members when they were formed. But in the year 2020, they were reduced to six members, as one of the members left the group. While the group was formed the members were, Eunkwang the leader and main vocalist, and Minhyuk, he is the lead rapper, and the lead dancer. The 3rd member is Changsub, he is the lead vocalist of the group. The 4th member is Hyunsik, he is the main dancer and lead vocalist. The 5th member of the group is Peniel, he is the lead rapper and vocalist of the group.

The 6th member of the group is Sungjae, he is the vocalist and face of the group. The seventh member of the group was IIhoon, he was the main rapper of the band. He left the group in December 2012.

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BtoB Ages

BtoB members started at a very young age and had come a long way. The best part about the group is the leadership had nothing to do with their ages and the leader is one of the youngest members of the group.

The group leader Eunkwang was born on November 22nd in the year 1990. He is just 31 years of age and achieved so much already. Minhyuk the lead rapper and vocalist was born on 29th November 1990, currently, he is about 31 years of age, same as Eunkwang. Lead vocalist Changsub was born on 26th February in the year 1991. Currently, he is 30 years old. His specialties include piano and drums. Dancer and vocalist for the group Hyunsik was born on 7th March in the year 1992, his specialties include guitar and piano.

Currently, he is 30 years old. Lead rapper and vocalist Peniel was born on 10th March in the year 1993. Currently, he is 28 years old. The vocalist and face of the group Sungjae were born on 2nd May, in the year 1995. Presently he is just 26 years old. Ex-member of the group IIhoon was born on 4th October 1994. Before leaving the band he was the youngest member of the group. But after he left, Sungjae became the youngest member of the group.


BtoB has produced a lot of successful albums throughout their lifetime. All of their songs and albums received a lot of praise but some of the albums were the favorite of the fans and made them popular throughout the world. Their debut digital album was The Insane. They received different albums for different occasions and during different periods. Different special albums are designed for Asia special albums, such as Born to Beat, Insane, Imagine, and a lot of other albums. All the albums became very popular among the fans. This popularity is the reason they are still in business.

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BtoB songs

BtoB had produced some of the very popular K-pop songs. Some of their most famous songs include Wow, insane, and For you.



BtoB merchandise

BtoB is a very popular band throughout the world. They have a massive fan following. All the credit for this goes to their songs and albums. The fact is that along with the group popularity, all the members have large individual popularity. The fans who are connected to BtoB want quality merchandise for the band. To satisfy these needs of the fans there are several stores selling merchandise.

BtoB Stores

So if you are a fan of BtoB, you should check out the online stores selling BtoB merchandise. Buy their merchandise today and support them.