BVNDIT is a female K-pop group from South Korea that also goes by the name Bandit. They’re signed to MNH Entertainment, which also handles ChungHa, a K-Pop artist. Simeon, Yiyeon, Seungeun, Jungwoo, and Songhee are the group’s five members. The all-female lineup is the first for the label. Mnh fu’s Bandit (short for “be ambitious n do it”) is a girl group made up of five members.



On April 10th, BVNDIT, a five-member girl group, released their single “Hocus Pocus” through MNH Entertainment. BVNDIT, the first female K-pop group, is said to have been founded by MNH Entertainment. Their debut album was titled “BVNDIT, Be Ambitious.”


As mentioned above, the female group consists of five female members whose names are as follows: Yiyeon, Songhee, Jungwoo, Simyeong, and Seungeun.

  1. Jung Da sol, best known by her stage name Yiyeon, is the female bandleader. Yiyeon is a South Korean singer and was born on the 28th of May in the year 1995. Yiyeon was born in the province of Gangwon-Do in South Korea. The lead vocalist and main rapper for the group. Her visuals have helped her become well-known. Yiyeon was a member of the 1PS K-pop group in 2015, where she performed under the stage name Dasol.

           Age: 26 years

  1. Yoon Song-, popularly known as Songhee, was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on November 8, 1998. She is the group’s lead vocalist and a South Korean singer.

           Age: 23 years

  1. Jungwoo is the stage name of Uhm Jung-woo, a South Korean singer. On the 2nd of April in the year 1999, she was born. She was born in the South Korean city of Seongnam. Jungwoo is the lead singer for BVNDIT.

            Age: 22 years

  1. Lee Si-myeong, a South Korean singer and dancer, uses the stage name Simyeong. She was born on May 27, 1999, on the 27th of the year. Gyeonggi-do is a province in South Korea where she was born. She is the lead dancer and vocalist for the ensemble. The tallest person in the bunch.

            Age: 22 years

  1. Shim Seung-eun is the group’s youngest member, also known as Seungeun. On December 27, 2000, she was born. Gwangju, South Korea, is her birthplace. She’s a vocalist from South Korea. Her participation in the reality show “Girl’s Planet 999” has been confirmed. She also holds a Taekwondo Black Belt. The “maknae” of the group as in Korean because she’s the group’s youngest member.

            Age: 20 years


The band will make their debut on April 10 with the release of their first digital song, “bvndit, be bold!” MNH fun announced on March 25 that the bandit would make their debut on April 10 with the release of their first digital song, “bvndit, be bold!”

They teased images of members, technology, and institutions in the days ahead, each with its unique notion, more mature, colorful, and joyful. On April 2, the company began releasing prologue videos of the characters, followed by teasers for the title song’s music video on April 8 and 9. Bvndit released their debut digital single unmarried on April 10th, along with the music video for “hocus pocus.”


On April 10, 2019, they released their first digital single, “bvndit, be ambitious!” The year 2019 is all about debuts, dramatic, magma, and being! MNH Entertainment announced on Twitter on March 4th that they were preparing for the launch of a new five-member lady institution, the business based on the residence of Chung Ha, a former member of the i.O.I. Yiyeon and Songhee were discovered on March 11th. Since its debut in 2019, BVNDIT has released several albums, including:

  • BVNDIT, Be Ambitious! (2019)
  • Carnival (2020)
  • BE! (2019)


The next day, the identities of simyeong and Jung-woo were revealed. On March 13th, Seungeun, the fifth and final member, was presented. Finally, on March 14, the name of the institution, “bvndit,” was disclosed, as well as further teaser photographs of the individuals. The songs of BVNDIT are both melodic and forceful.

Their entire performance is lit by the background music, in addition to their voice, rap, and dance skills. Some of this female group’s songs are mentioned below and are worth listening to:

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Children
  3. Cool
  4. Come and Get It
  5. My error
  6. Fly

Due to their energetic, melodious music videos in just a few months, they have received a lot of love and a huge fanbase. Their huge fandom is called “BVNDITBUL,” which is pronounced as “Banditbul,” which means “firefly” in Korean.



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Mnh joy announced on bvndit’s Twitter that the group will make their first comeback on May 15 with a brand new virtual song called “dramatic.” Teaser images of the members and the organization were revealed on May 11th, followed a few days later by a video with a teaser of the track. Merchandise from BVNDIT: Bvndit T-Shirts are made by independent artists and are one-of-a-kind. There are a range of colours and styles to pick from for men, women, and everyone.