The group has been named “Chocolat” in place of “Chocolate” because there already existed a group with the same name, hence they were given the title “Chocolat.”


The female K-pop group made its official debut in 2011 on the 2nd of August in South Korea. It was revealed to the public by Paramount Music. It consisted of mixed-race members. Chocolat consisted of five members whose names are Juliane, Tia, and Melanie, JaeyoonMin Soa; the female Chocolat group officially disbanded in the year 2017 as per the contract of Paramount Music.



           Debuted with five members in the year 2011.

  • Jaeyoon was a member of the Chocolat female k-pop group. She was born in 1991 on the 15th of May, in South Korea. She is a South Korean musical artist and a dancer. 

           Age: Jaeyoon’s age is 30 years.

  • Choi Min Ji, who is also known by her stage name Min Soa was another former member of it. She was born in 1989 on the 10th of June in the city of Seoul, South Korea. The South Korean Singer was the leader of Chocolat. Lead vocalist of it. She was well known for her melodic vocals.

            Age: Choi Min Ji’s age is 32 years.

  • Juliane Alfieri, also known as Juliane, is a South Korean singer and a musical artist. She is a former member of Chocolat. Born in the year 1993 on the 12th of December in South Korea, she is well known for her vocals.

Age: Juliane Alfieri is 27 years old.

  • Tia Jasmine Hwang Cuevas, who is popularly known by her stage name Tia is an American Singer. She was one of the group members of Chocolat. Now a self-formed soloist. She was born in the year 1997 on the 15th of March. She debuted as a soloist in 2018 on the 25th of May with her single “No More.” She was the leading dancer in it. 

            Age: Tia Jasmine Hwang Cuevas is 24 years old. 

  • Melanie Aurora Lee who is also known as Melanie is a former member of the group. She was born in the year 1997 on the 5th of May, in Seoul, South Korea. She was the lead vocalist of the band. She was also the youngest member of Chocolat. Well known for her vocal skills.

            Age: Melanie Aurora Lee’s age is 24 years. 


During their performances, events, and song releases the band has always contributed their best. One of their albums In a heartbeat became much more popular in the k-pop music that it is also admired by people across the globe. They listen to their songs and love the band which has not only participated in several singles but also got fame across the globe.




Since its debut, it has released pretty several albums, which are: “I Like It” in the year 2011, “The Third Single Album” in the year 2013, “Syndrome” in the year 2011, “2nd Single album” in 2012, and “Chocolat” in the year 2014.


Chocolat has released numerous songs since its debut in 2011. Some of their songs are listed below.

  • Same Thing to Hear (2011)
  • Black Tinkerbell (2011)
  • In a Heartbeat (2011)
  • World Domination (2011)
  • Retrouver Looloo (2016)
  • Get Up (2012)
  • On est Meilleur qu’R.E.M. (2016)
  • Fantome (2014)
  • Tss Tss (2014)
  • Golden Age (2016)


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Indeed, it has officially disbanded in the year 2017. The fans are sad over this news, yet it is still alive in the hearts of the fans. If you are worried about whether Chocolat merches are still available, let me assure you that all your Chocolat merches will remind you of the love and craziness you had for your favorite band. Even though the female group has disbanded, their products and merches are still available in online stores. So, hurry and order your Chocolat merches. Don’t be too late and hurry before the discount is over!!