The CNBLUE is one of the most popular boy bands, which is originated from South Korea. It was officially started as a three-member group but went on to have five members at its peak and came back to three members.

The CNBLUE band had some amazing song tracks along its way to the few of the bands that reached the top. Here are few details about it:

CNBLUE debut

The CNBLUE band made its debut on January 14, 2010. It was released under FNC entertainment. The first-ever song or track which was released on the debut was “Bluetory.”

They also released their first album on “Now or Never” on August 18, 2009. It went on and became a huge hit which still continues to be one to this day.

CNBLUE members

The CNBLUE band consisted of three members where two joined later on and left too. Therefore, the official member count of the band is three:

  • Yonghwa:

Yonghwa is the leader of the CNBLUE band. He is the most famous member of the band. His primary positions are main vocalist, Guitarist, Rapper, and main member of the band.

  • Kang Minhyuk:

Another famous member of the band is Kang Minhyuk. His primary positions are drummer and vocalist.

  • Jungshin:

Another member of the CNBLUE band is Jungshin. His positions are as the main rapper, vocalist, and bassist.


  • Yonghwa:

Yonghwa’s birthday is: on June 22, 1989. It makes him 32 years of age.

  • Kang Minhyuk:
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The birthday of Kang Minhyuk is on June 28, 1991. He is of 30 years of age.

  • Jungshin:

Jungshin was born on September 15, 1991. He is 29 years of age.

CNBLUE albums

Cn Blue
  • First Step:

The First step album was released on March 21, 2011. It was number one on music charts in South Korea at that time. 

  • 2gether:

The 2gether album was on September 14, 2015. It also went ahead and became the number one album in South Korea. 

  • Thank U:

The Thank U album was released on March 20, 2010. It was in the top 100 albums in Japan at that time.

  • 392:

The 392 album was released on September 1, 2011. It was the sixth most sold album in Japan.

  • Code name Blue:

The Code name Blue was released on August 29, 2012. It was the number one sold album in Japan at that time.

  • What turns you on?

The What turns you on album was released on August 28, 2013. It was the second most sold album in Japan.

  • Wave:

The Wave album was released on September 17, 2014. It was the third most sold album in Japan.  

  • Colors

The Colors album was released on September 30, 2015. It was the most sold album in Japan at that time.

  • Euphoria:

The Euphoria album was released on October 19, 2016. It was the third most sold album in japan.

  • Stay Gold:

The Stay Gold album was released on October 18, 2017.

CNBLUE songs

Cn Blue
  • Radio:

The Radio song is just like its songs. It has electrical beats with dance. It is one of the “electrical” songs that the band ever made.

  • Can’t stop:
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The Can’t stop is the next song which is known for its chorus and lyrics. It is one of the highly played songs.

  • I’m sorry:

Then I’m sorry song is the most hit song of the band. It is known for the pop and rock combination, which the band is popular for. It also has amazing lyrics, which the artists have played out well.

CNBLUE merch

The CNBLUE is a famous band that is still ongoing because of its popularity. The band merches are one of those things through which the fans get to show their love towards the band.


There are many other things one can get apart from merches. All that matters is to show love and support towards the band and help them in some or the other way.