Pop songs have always been one of the favorite genres amongst music lovers. The popular KPOP music band Cravity has earned a reputation for becoming the most-listened music album maker since its inception in 2020. Music lovers have always admired their unique music composition in all of their released albums.


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It is a popular KPOP South Korean 9 members boy band group, made its debut appearance on 14th April 2020. Starship entertainment formed this versatile pop music band.



Allen Ma, best recognized as his on-stage name Allen (born on 27th April 1999, 22 yrs) is a talented singer working for the band. Born in LA, California, during his middle school days, he worked on the song Lucifer (Shinee) which inspired him toward KPOP music. Before joining Cravity in April 2020, the singer took extensive training for over 4 years. The singer is a pro at martial arts. He enjoys singing, making rap music, and choreographing too.


Park Serim, known by his band name Serim (born on 4th May 1999, 22 yrs) is a stupendous singer, and model, and works as a lead singer in a band. He has worked as a trainee with YGE, Cuge entertainment before joining the Starship group. The singer also worked as a trainee for over three years before making his debut with Cravity in April 2020. The young artist loves dancing, exercising, and playing soccer. He considers BTS to be his role model.


Kim Tae Young, best recognized by his on-stage name Taeyoung (born on 28th January 2003, 18 yrs) is a versatile singer and a part of the boy band Cravity. He enjoyed dancing during his schooling days and participated in school talent shows. He worked as an SME trainee before joining Starship. In April 2020, Taeyoung debuted as a singer with the band. The singer loves dancing, and exercising and is fond of sports. He considers his eyes as well as charming dimples to be his focal points.


Song Hyeongjun, popularly known by his on-stage name Hyeongjun (born on 1st December 2002, 18 yrs) is a talented singer of the band Cravity. He had participated in the X101 Survival show, reached the final round, and became a member of the X1 group. The singer trained for over 2 years before becoming an active member of the band Cravity. He loves to eat Baskin Robbins Ice cream and subway B.M.T.


Ahn Seong Min, known by his band name Seongmin (born on 2nd August 2003, 18 yrs) is a professional singer of the Cravity band. He is the youngest member of the group and made his first appearance in April 2020. He prefers eating yogurt and gummy candies. In his spare time, he prefers to draw, sketch and do calligraphy.


Ham Won Jin, better known by his on-stage name Wonjin (born on 23rd May 2001, 20 yrs) is a singer and member of the Cravity. He has previously worked as an actor and always wished to become a singer, performer, and dancer. Also previously worked as a trainee with Big Hit entertainment. He trained for around 2.5 years before appearing in the Cravity album in April 2020. This versatile singer loves playing baseball. He loves to gorge on black bean noodles and bean jelly.


Seo Woo Bin, popularly known as Woobin (born on 17th October 2000, 20yrs) is a member of the Cravity Boy Band group. He was a member of Starship and worked as a trainee before making his debut with Cravity. The rising pop star enjoys beatboxing, karaoke, and cooking. He considers his nose to be a focal point for sure!


Koo Jung Mo, known by his band name Jungmo (born on 5th February 2000, 21 yrs), is a flamboyant singer of the Cravity group. He made his debut appearance with the band Cravity in April 2020. He was also a group member of the band X1. The singer loves feasting on cup noodles, burgers, and ice creams. He loves to play badminton and considers his charming looks and appearance his focal point!


Kang Min Hee, popularly known by his stage name Minhee (born on Sep 17, 2002, age 19 yrs) is a versatile singer and performer. He has appeared in music videos like Mad Clown, and Thirst. Before joining Cravity, he was a trainee and worked on various music albums. He loves dancing, and playing games and prefers to watch movies alone. He loves wearing black!

Age of Cravity Band Members

The age of each of 9 members of this popular KPOP music band members are Serim (22 yrs), Allen (22 yrs), Jungmo (21 yrs), Woobin (21 yrs), Wonjin (20 yrs), Minhee (19 yrs), Hyeongjun (19 yrs), Taeyoung (18 yrs), Seongmin (18 yrs).

Most Admired Albums


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This popular KPOP Band has released some amazing albums like Cravity Season 1 – Hideout – Remember who we are, Cravity Season 2 – Hideout – The new day we step into, and Cravity Season 3 – Hideout – Be our voice. All the songs in these music albums are big hits and complete chartbusters!

Famous Songs

In their album – Cravity Hideout: Remember who we are, popular songs include Top of the chain, break all the rules, Jumper, Blackout, Cloud 9, Stay, and Star. Their second album Hideout: The new day we step into includes popular tracks like Flame, Believer, Realise, Sunrise, and Breathing. In season 3 album Hideout: Be Our Voice has some amazing tracks like My turn, Mammoth, Call my name,  Moonlight,  Bad habits, Give me your love! and  Dangerous.

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