The K-pop music industry has given us some of the best-selling artists and iconic soundtracks. The entire globe takes inspiration from these growing artists and their musical talents. But if you like something that is a little less pop than usual and more on the ballad and R&B side, you will love Davichi. It is a South Korean duo popularly known for its distinctive music genre.


This K-pop duo has been together since 2008 and refuses to disband under any circumstance. Even though you do not find it every other day, this duo has made the impossible possible.

Davichi debut

Davichi, a South Korean pop duo, debuted in 2008 under Core Contents Media. This duo includes Heari and Minkyung, the two recognized personalities for their singing and mesmerizing acting skills. Furthermore, this band made an appearance in the K-pop industry with its first album titled Amaranth.

The success of their debut single, I Love You Even Though I Hate You, was followed by seven #1 singles in Korea. Their music is more inclined toward ballads and R&B rather than focusing on pop.

Furthermore, the band shifted to MMO Entertainment (2014-2015) and then to B2M Entertainment (2015-2018). Finally, the duo is currently working under WAKEONE. They also said in an interview that even though they are pursuing their solo careers, this duo will never disband.

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  1. Haeri

Lee Haeri, a South Korean singer and actress, joined the K-pop industry as a member of Davichi in 2008. She was the leader and main vocalist of the K-pop group. The singer has established herself as one of the renowned personalities through participation in numerous Korean original soundtracks.

The list includes Tears of Heaven (2011), l’opéra rock (2012), Mozart, and Hero (2014). Born in Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea, Haeri debuted as a soloist in April 2017. Apart from this, the singer also played a role in the musical theater Hero.

  1. Minkyung

Minkyung is from Goyang, South Korea, and was the youngest in the duo. She joined Davichi as the lead vocalist. Apart from singing, the singer also pursued her acting career.

Accordingly, she was a part of various drama series such as The Dearest Lady, Lovers of Haeundae, Vampire Idol, and Smile Mom. In addition to this, Minkyung also made a YouTube channel to get a bit more personal with her audience. She posts song covers, cooking videos, gardening stuff, and more.

Her YouTube videos remind us of her energetic personality on the stage. Upon looking closely, you will notice her sense of fashion and dressing in every corner of the house. It is as beautiful as the singer itself that is something no one can ever deny.

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  1. Haeri

Date of birth- February 14th, 1985

Age- 36 years

  1. Minkyung

Date of birth- August 3, 1990

Age- 31 years

Davichi albums

The duo released three studio albums, six mini-albums, seventeen digital singles, and twelve collaboration singles. In addition to this, this team has also released numerous soundtracks for television dramas like Iris II, It’s Okay, Descendants of the Sun, etc.


Davichi songs

Davichi released 13 original soundtracks for multiple K-dramas and Tv shows. The list includes popular hits like Descendants of the Sun, Crash Landing On You, Start-up, Love Request, etc.

Accordingly, this South Korean k-pop duo was nominated for various awards. It won the Golden Disk Awards, Melon Music Awards, Cyworld Digital Music Awards, and more. To sum up everything, the duo made a significant mark on the industry and gained recognition by winning around 17 awards.

Davichi merch

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