Korean boy bands have become very popular around the world. Women have been crushing over the members. There are many reasons for their popularity. One of the many reasons is the unique concepts. Day6 has always tried different types of songs. This is why they are loved by a lot of fans.

Day6 debut

The boyband Day6 debuted in the year 2015 on 7 September. It debuted under the label of JYP entertainment. This label is one of the biggest three entertainment agencies in the country. They debuted with 6 members, but one of them left the agency. Currently, they are a band with 5 members and are going strong.

Day6 members


All the members of the group are excellent vocalists and everyone plays different instruments. Each member is associated with a different instrument that they usually play in their songs.

  • Park Sung-jin- He is the leader of the group and functions as the main vocalist. As mentioned earlier, he’s a rhythm guitarist and has appeared in multiple variety shows. He is currently enlisted in mandatory military service.
  • Park Jae-hyung- He goes by the stage name Jae and is regarded as the face of the group. He is also the lead guitarist and releases solo songs. He is also known for his online vlogs.
  • Brian Kang- He is fluent in English since he lived in Canada for three to four years. He is the main rapper of the group and also acts as a bassist. He is known by the name Young K, which is his stage name.
  • Kim Wonpil- He is the visual of the group and can play the keyboard very well. He is also responsible for producing the beats for their songs.
  • Yoon Do-woon- He is the maknae of the group and is loved by all the members. He acts as the drummer and produces amazing beats. The group’s name was formed when he joined them.

Day6 ages

The birth years of each member are given here.

  • Park Sung-jin- He was born in 1993.
  • Park Jae-hyung- The idol was born in 1992.
  • Brian Kang- He was born in the year 1993.
  • Kim Wonpil- The idol was born in the year 1994.
  • Yoon Do-woon- He is the youngest and was born in 1995.

Day6 albums

The group Day6 has worked on four albums since its debut. Each of their albums received a very positive response from their fans. A special quality of the group was their song released on the 6th of each month for a year. This was done to boost their popularity worldwide. A lot of online concerts were also organized for fan service.

  • The Day (2015)
  • Daydream (2016)
  • Sunrise (2017)
  • Stop the Rain (2018)

The names of their albums were unique and a representation of their concept. The heavenly vocals are often enjoyed by people when they are feeling down.

Day6 songs


The group has produced more than 50 songs since its debut. Some of these songs were a part of their albums while others were singles. The members have also worked as solo artists and are promoted very well by the agency. Their most popular songs are listed below:

  • How can I say?
  • I need somebody.
  • Letting go.
  • Time of our life.
  • Days gone by.

The initial two albums of the band had the word ‘day’ in them. It was regarded as a symbol for identifying the band’s songs.

Day6 merch

The official merch of Day6 can easily be purchased online by fans. The merch of the group is loved due to the unique text prints. Most of the songs are romantic and the outfits are a representation of a hopeless romantic. Designer carry bags are also made available for the fans and can be chosen by fans.

Day6 shop

A variety of online shops deal in the merchandise of the band. The online shops have products for youngsters as well as adult fans. Now, even kids can get fashion accessories inspired by their favorite idols. The merch can be purchased while sitting at home comfortably. A fan does not need to visit physical stores to buy their favorite products. Buying merch is a gesture to support your favorite groups.