Dreamcatcher, the Korean pop music group, originated in South Korea in the late 80s and flourished by the 90s, with many famous bands, including both boys’ and girls’ groups. One of such popular girls’ groups was Dreamcatcher, a group of girls who made their dreams come true, being a part of the Dreamcatcher music concept.

The recruiting agencies conducted reality shows to find out the natural talents who were good at singing, dancing, and modeling. Later on, they signed up the contracts and formed the bands, named them, and in each band, there was a minimum of 4 members.


Dreamcatcher debut

It was earlier known as MINX. This South Korean girl group was launched by Happyface Entertainment, currently the Dreamcatcher Company, in January 2017. The Dreamcatcher band came with lively and unique music that attracted millions of music lovers. They had an extraordinary way of performing on the stage with breath-taking dances and mind-blowing outfits. 

Dreamcatcher members

Most of the Dreamcatcher bands have a group of 4-9 members in it. The large size of the team brings additional joy and excitement while watching them on the screen. The members who were a part of the girls’ group Dreamcatcher are as follows; Jiu, Siyeon, Sua, Yoohyeon, Handong, Gahyeon, and Dami. 

Dreamcatcher ages

Most of the South Korean Dreamcatcher team members started their music careers at a significantly younger age. All the stars were aged between 15 and 20 when they made their debut song. The music, the dance, the lights, the sound, the costumes, and even the accessories were given great emphasis. Their music was hip-hop and jazz-based, which was why many American followers got added to the list. The Music was themed so that it is enjoyed visually more than when it is heard. In a brief period, the band fans grew worldwide, imitating the styles and dances of their music idols.

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Dreamcatcher albums

MINX came up with their debut, which was a digital single and it was called “Why did you come to my home”. M Countdown was the place where they made their first debut, and their final performance was in Inkigayo in October. Their first extended play was released in July, named the ‘Love shake.’ MINX  was changed to later on by Happyface Entertainment. Then they came up with their first single album ‘Nightmare’ and the title track named ‘Chase Me.’

Their second album is known as ‘Fall asleep in the mirror,’ and the title track was named ‘Good night. ’The ‘prequel,’ an extended play, contained six tracks that ranked number 5 on the Billboard’s World Albums Chart. Their second, third, and fourth extended plays were ‘Escape the era,’ ‘Alone in the city,’ and ‘And the end of nightmare’ respectively. 


Dreamcatcher songs

This girls’ group came together to do their first live performance at the Oak Valley Summertime Festival, where they entertained their audience with the songs ‘Action’ and ‘Why did you come to my home.’ The group performed their live concerts in Japan and Seoul named ‘Fly high’ and ‘Welcome to the dream world’ respectively. Apart from this, they had been a part of many online concerts as well.

They won the Keum Yong Star Awards for ‘Promising Idol’ and ‘Best Global Artist’ in the Top Ten Asia Awards.

Dreamcatcher merch

There is a wide range of fantastic merchandise specially made for all the Dreamcatcher fans worldwide, and they are so comfortable yet stylish. The hoodies, sportswear, car accessories, mugs, chic hoodies, necklaces, T-shirts, masks, etc., are a few of them.

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Dreamcatcher shop

You can get some fantastic merchandise from your favorite band so you can give surprises to loved ones. This merchandise will cherish memories of your craze towards your favorite band and bring a smile to your face for choosing their songs and albums over and over again. The band has many designed costumes and stylish accessories specifically for their fans to wear and enjoy a couple of their songs.