Elris was one of the K-pop girl music bands that were launched in 2017. K-pop stands for Korean Pop music, consisting of the Elris band, which had its origin in South Korea, tying up many young stars together, bringing a whole new concept and style to the music world.


The Top Girl’s Group Elris Of K-Pop

“Elris” debut

Hunus Entertainment formed this South Korean girls’ group Elris, in the year 2017. The exact origin was Seongnam, South Korea. The music released every year by multiple K-pop bands was identical in their energy, youthfulness, and quality. In a stipulated time frame, they were loved nationally as well as internationally. They focused on their music, dance choreographies, costumes, and accessories, when everything was put together, it was indeed a visual treat to the audience. 
“Elris” members

K-pop boys’ and girls’ groups all consisted of members ranging from 4 to 9. The band members of Elris were Ej, Bella, Chaejeong, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Sohee, and Karin. Ej and Chaejeong joined later in the team. In 1992, the group Seo Taiji and Boys performed their music on TV for the first time. It gave rise to the concept of ‘K-pop.’ K-pop has both boys’ and girls’ groups varying in genre, number of group members, and all over the performance style. K-pop gangs set records in the music world, ranking at the top among the Billboards charts and the Gaon Album charts, thus winning millions of music lovers’ hearts.

“Elris” ages

K-pop music stars rock the floor with their energy and cuteness. Most of them started their career at a very young age. All the stars were aged between 15 and 20 when they made their first debut song.

“Elris” albums

The girls Sohee and Karin were participants in a reality show, K-pop star 6. Their first mini-album, ‘We, First,’ was released in 2017, available on CD and in a digital download format. In the same year, they released ‘Color Crush,’ their second mini-album that consisted of five tracks and the lead single ‘Pow Pow.’ Their songs were equally famous as any other K-pop band.


Hunus entertainment announced in 2018 that the team would be coming back with their spectacular third mini-album named ‘Summer dream.’ It was composed of three tracks and a title song. In 2019, Elris came up with a digital single titled Miss U.

The two new members Ej and Chaejeong joined the group in the year 2020. Hunus Entertainment announced the same, and the group, along with its new members, came up with their fourth mini-album. The title was ‘Jackpot,’ and it included a single of the same name Elris.


Elris singles were ‘We, First,’ ‘Pow Pow,’ ‘Summer dream,’ ‘Miss U,’ ‘Jackpot,’ all taken from different albums produced by the team. They had released many songs which were admired by people of their genre.

“Elris” merch

K-pop is not just a music genre. It’s a combination of great lyrics, eye-catching outfits, and matching accessories. While performing live on the stage, it is this appearance they bring that people die for.

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“Elris” shop

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