KPOP is considered to be one of the finest and most popular genres of music today. Enhypen, a seven-member all-boys band group has earned quite a recognition since its inception in 2020.

Enhypen, the idea behind this unique name is its meaning which is connection and growth. The band members wish to justify the band name by making awesome tunes and connecting the world with their songs!

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Enhypen, a very popular KPOP South Korean 7-member boy band group, debuted with the mini-album called Border: Day One on 30th November 2020.



Jake Sim, mostly recognized by his Enhypen band name Jake (born on 15th November 2002) is a talented singer of the KPOP band. He had joined the I-LAND Survival show by giving open auditions. His focal point is the corner of the lips. He loves exercising and arm-wrestling. He likes hip-hop music and loves to spend time with his pet puppies.


Lee Heeseung, popularly known by his on-stage name Heeseung (born on 15th October 2001) is a popular singer of the Enhypen band. He had participated in the I-LAND Survival show and was considered the finest performer amongst other performers. His focal point is his charming eyes. He loves to play basketball.

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Kim Sun Woo, mostly known by his Enhypen band name Sunoo (born on 24 June 2003) is from South Korea and a popular singer of the band. He was one of the participants in the I-LAND survival show.

His focal point is a cold but charming look.


Nishimura Riki, recognized by his band name Niki (born on 9th December 2005) is a versatile Japanese singer of the KPOP band.

He had previously participated in the I-Land survival show. His favorite food is dumplings.


Park Jong Seong, famously known as Jay Park (born on 20th April 2002) is one of the talented artists of the KPOP band Enhypen.

He previously participated in the I-LAND survival show and earned the 2nd rank.

His charming and dark sexy looks are considered to be his unique feature.


Yang Jungwon, known by his band name Jungwon (born on 9th February 2004) is a lead singer of the Enhypen KPOP group. The singer had participated in and won the I-LAND survival show. His special talents include singing and taekwondo.

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Park Sung Hoon, popularly known as Sunghoon (born on 8th December 2002) is a talented singer from KPOP Enhypen. He has learned figure skating professionally. His special skills include contemporary dancing. He considers his dimples to be a focal point!

Age of Enhypen Music Group Members

Would you like to know about the age of each music group member? Well, here are the details of the there member’s ages: Heeseung (20 yrs), Jay (19 yrs), Jake (19 yrs), Sunghoon (19 yrs), Sunoo (18 yrs), Jungwon (17 yrs), Niki (16 yrs).


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The Enhypen KPOP band released their debut mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE in November 2020, featuring Given-Taken as the most loved title song.

The music group released another mini music album Border: Carnival in April 2021.

The band also debuted in Japanese in July 2021 with the album Border: Hakanai.

In July and August 2021, the music group released single music tracks Hey Tayo and Billy Poco as well!

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Popular Songs by Enhypen

The popular KPOP music band is known for its catchy and groovy music. Their popular albums and songs are the I-LAND, Flicker, I&credible, Border: Day One, Border: Carnival, Dive into You, calling: Run to You, Chamber 5: Dream of Dreams, and Fame On!

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