Lee, Ock Hyun, Jin, as well as Sung Yu are representatives of Fin.K.L, the South Korean female group founded by DSP Entertainment in 1998. Fin.K.L, together with rival female group S.E.S, is among the most successful Feature vectors in the mid-2000s.

Blue Mist in 1998, Pure in 1999, presently in 2000, as well as Eternity in 2000, was the collective’s four and a half recordings. They were named New Producer of the Year at the 1998 Diamond Disc Festival, Overall Winner only at the 1999 Korea Awards Ceremony, as well as Best Women Band at the 2000 Theatre Popular Music Festival, among other accolades. Following releasing the song “Fine Murder Liberty” around 2005, Fin.K.L went silent.

Fin.K.L debut

Fin K.L’s vocalist, Ock Hyun, would be the first performer to be found. She has been discovered after winning a radio talent competition with a rendition of Mariah Angelina’s “Hero.” Jin was chosen after performing Eco’s “Lucky Me” during her application. Ock notified her acquaintance Lee Jin about just the group as well as urged them to join. Sung, who’s been found on a high school trip, was indeed the second member to somehow be chosen. Annie (who founded Tashannie alongside Yoon) must have been approved as the main antagonist; however, she opted to leave after just a few weeks. Lee, who was last seen snapping sticker photographs with pals in either a mall, was welcomed into the gang.


Fin.K.L made their first appearance in 1998 with the record Blue Rain. As seen by the popularity of SM Management members S.E.S. as well as H.O.T. inside the late 1990s, the tendency in K-pop would have been for groups with adjustable caps to perform charming, catchy songs. Fin.K.L, on the other hand, began with an R&B ballad led by Ock vocals, as seen by its debut hit “Blue Rain.” “For My Sweetheart,” Fin.second K.L’s success was a much more traditional pop song that followed popular norms somewhere at moment.

They wrapped off their debut album’s operations with such a second single, “Poor Tears,” a song about something like a lost love but also surrendering that relationship for the greater benefit of everybody concerned. A new song for a further track was also made by the group.

Fin.K.L members


  • Hyori is a stage name.
  • Lee Hyori is his given name.
  • Leader, leading vocalist, and group’s public face


  • Joohyun is his stage name.
  • Ock Joohyun is his given name.


  • Jin’s real surname is Jin.
  • Lee Jin is his given name.
  • The vocalist is the job title.

Fin.K.L ages

  • Hyori is a stage name. Roles are leader, leading vocalist, and group’s public face. Date of Birth: May 10, 1979.
  • Joohyun is his stage name. Date of Birth: March 20, 1980
  • Lee Jin is his given name. The vocalist is the job title. Date of Birth: March 21, 1980


  • Rainfall in the color blue – On May 25 in 1998, the version was produced. DSP Media is the label for this album.
  • White – Date of Publication: May 12, 1999. DSP Media is the label for this album.
  • DSP Media’s “Now Available” date is October 6, 2000.
  • Eternity debuted on March 8, 2002. DSP Media is the label for this album.


Fin.K.L published an accepted record featuring White around May 13, 1999. “Eternal life Love”, as well as “Pride”, became two of the album’s popular tracks. Even though the slower R&B ballad “Looking for Love” were recorded on occasion, their previous album featured too much of a concentration on romances. Fin.K.L also started restricting their video clips towards one and two each release; a movie for “Looking for Love” has never been created. This record, similar to their previous, was a huge hit, delivering approximately 700,000 downloads.


Fin.K.L merch

Fin.K.L chose to split up but did not formally end their relationship. This Fin.K.L band has a Lifetime set that included two DVDs as well as a photo album, as well as the Fine Killer Liberation single on CD which also becomes an attraction for merchandise of the band and also helps in gaining popularity.

This band genre’s engaging melodies, astute use of social networking sites, and devoted followers are a winning combination. K-pop, and South Korean mainstream popular music, seems to have its formula for worldwide success. The essential element, a memorable hook tune, is combined with a trademark dance motion and presented in a spectacular video.

Fin.K.L shop

JTBC stated in May 2019 that a Fin.K.L homecoming entertainment program would debut. Camping Society, a television show that began on Jul 14, showed the Fin.K.L founders reconnecting and traveling around the nation. The band released the song, “Much like the Music video That Forever,” on Sept 22 in 2019, commemorating their most since 2005.

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