fromis_9 is a female Korean pop band. It is the most famous and popular band in South Korea. It has a huge fan following in different Asian countries. These female bands have been a source of motivation for many young girls who wanted to make a career in singing and rapping. The style, charm, and vibe of this band are so youthful and bright that no one can ever feel bored while listening to them or seeing them. If you are their fan, you can get their merches online easily on sites.

fromis_9 Debut story

The band fromis_9 began in 2017 and is active currently. It originated in Korea specifically in Seoul in Southern Korea. The band is under the management of Off the record and Stone music. If you want, you can get more info about it from their original website. Earlier it was managed by the Stone music label. But it was until 2018 that Off the record took the whole management of the band under it.

Fromis 9

fromis_9, member list

The band fromis_9 consists of nine members as the name is suggesting. The names of the members are as follows- The first one is Lee Saerom. Next is Song ha young. Another is Jang Gyuri. Next, there is Park Jiwon, then we have Roh Ji-sun, Lee Seoyeon, then we have Lee Chae Young.

Second last, we have Lee Na-Gyung and lastly, we have Baek Ji-Heon. All the female members are very popular and are considered to be the youth sensation. There has been some news about disputes in the band but as officially stated, the band has not been disbanded yet.

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fromis_9, member’s age

The names of all the nine female band members of fromis_9 had been already mentioned above. It is time to learn about their ages. The band has young females between 18 years to 24 years. Let us look at their ages individually. First, we have Lee Saerom and she is the eldest member of the band of 24 years. Her birth month is January. Next, we have Song ha young and she is 23 years old with September as her birth month. Another one is Jang Gyuri and she is again 23 years old with December as her birth month.

The next one is Park Jiwon and she is 23 years old. Her birth month is March. Another member is Roh Ji-sun and who is 22 years old. Her birth month is November. Next, we have Lee Seoyeon who is 21 years old. Her birth month is January. Lee Chae Young is the next member and she is 21 years old. Second last, we have Lee Na-Gyung and she is again 21 years old. Lastly, we have the youngest member of the band Baek Ji-Heon and she is just 18 years old.

fromis_9 albums

There are some hit albums by this band. Let us see a list of the names of the albums.

  • My Little Society, 2020
  • To. day, 2018
  • To. Heart 2018
Fromis 9

Songs list

Here are some of the hit songs of the band fromis_9.

  • We go
  • Love bomb
  • Fun!
  • DKDK
  • Feel good
  • Glass shoes
  • Feel good
  • _9
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and the hit list never ends. These are the most recent hit songs of the band fromis_9.

fromis_9 merches

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