Music fans are regarded as some of the most loyal people to their artists. One of such examples is the fans of the group GFRIEND. The girl group was loved by fans from not only South Korea but different countries. The group ended its contract with its agency in the year 2021. However, this has not affected the support that the members continue to get from fans.


The girl group debuted in the year 2015 with six members. It was formed by an entertainment agency called Source Music. They have also worked with King Record labels. The group went on to be very popular for six years before they ended their contract. The members continue to be idols and announced the news through letters to their fans.

GFRIEND members


As mentioned earlier, the girl group consisted of six members. Each member had their specialty in terms of vocal and rapping capabilities and songwriting.

  • Kim So Jeong- She functioned as the leader of the group and mainly specialized in vocals. She was also a part of the visual line due to her amazing features. She has very long legs which often make her stand out among other idols.
  • Jung Ye Rin- She was usually seen in the center of the group in their videos. This was because she was the lead dancer and known as the face of the group.
  • Jung Eun Bi- She is often known by her stage name Eunha. She was the lead vocalist of the group and was the voice behind the high vocals in their songs.
  • Choi Yu Na- She is still known by the name Yuju, which is her stage name. She was initially a JYP trainee but later signed a contract.
  • Hwang Eun Bi- SinB, her stage name, is still the way in which fans recognise her. She functioned as the main dancer for the group and often performed dance breaks.
  • Kim Ye Won- She was the matter of the group and was adored by the other members. She specialized in vocals and was selected for the audition while being seen walking on the street.
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The members of GFRIEND were born in different years, a brief account of which is given below.

  • Kim So Jeong- She was born in the year 1995.
  • Jung Ye Rin- She is a 1996 liner.
  • Jung Eun Bi- She was born in 1997.
  • Choi Yu Na- She was born in the year 1997.
  • Hwang Eun Bi- She is the second youngest and was born in 1998.
  • Kim Ye Won- She is the youngest and was born in 1998.

GFRIEND albums


The girl group has worked on more than 7 albums, each of which had a different concept. The group is often known for its unique concepts in the industry. Some of their albums are mini albums while some were produced in the Japanese language for their fans.

  • Fallin’ light
  • LOL
  • Labyrinth
  • Fever season
  • Time for us
  • The Awakening
  • Parallel
  • Rainbow
  • Time for the Moon Night


The group has produced more than 90 songs since its debut in the year 2015. All their songs received a very overwhelming response from their fans. Some of their most popular songs are listed below.

  • MAGO
  • Love whisper
  • Rough
  • Glass bead
  • Apple
  • Sunrise
  • Fever
  • Crossroads


The fans of kpop bands are very loyal and there is no denying that. This has been the case for the group GFRIEND. The sales of the band’s official merch have never gone down, even after their disbandment. The fans continue to support them and wish that the members can be together again. The merch is available in special collections inspired by each member of the group.

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The merch of the band can be purchased online from a lot of different websites. Some of these are even promoted by top social media users. The sole reason behind this is the quality assurance of the products.

The merch of the group is unique because it is made in a variety of fabrics. The T-shirts are available in different sizes for fans. This is to ensure that no fan has to settle for less because of inaccessibility. So, why not support your idols and buy some merch?