The K-pop industry witnesses the debut of a lot of groups every year. However, not all of them can survive in the industry like GIRLS GIRLS. This is because of the rising competition, with groups promoting overseas as well. With more popularity comes more responsibility, it is now the definition of k-pop. Groups often find themselves concerned about being deserving of their fans.

A lot of groups are often disbanded due to a variety of reasons. Some groups simply end their contract with their agencies. Others get disbanded due to one of their members leaving and others following them.


The group GIRLS GIRLS debuted in the year 2015 on 9 December. They debuted under a label called H Brothers Entertainment. It is speculated that the group has disbanded in 2019. Earlier, two of the members left the group to pursue solo careers. Later on, the others wanted to follow the same path as well.


Girls girls

The initial lineup of the group consisted of five members. Out of these, two members left the group in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

  • Kim Su Young- She is also known by her stage name Bori. She is the leader of the group and functioned as the main vocalist. She is very interested in playing instruments like the piano and guitar.
  • Lee Min Ji- She was the lead vocalist of the group and was known by her stage name Rina. She was well known because of her ability to sing trot.
  • Lee Ah Ryoung – she was the maknae of the group and was responsible for all the raps and their songs. She was a trainee under MBK entertainment. However, she debuted under this agency when she got the opportunity.
  • Kim Mi So- She was the main dancer of the group. But, she left the group in the year 2019 to pursue a solo career.
  • Kim Gyu Rang- She was the initial leader of the group but left the group in the year 2016. She then debuted as a soloist. Her new stage name is Buddy.
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  • Kim Su Young- She was born in 1990.
  • Lee Min Ji- She is a 1994 liner.
  • Kim Mi So- She was born in the year 1995.
  • Lee Ah Ryoung- She is born in 1994 and is the youngest.
  • Kim Gyu Rang- She was born in the year 1990.


The group worked on two single albums during their career as a girl group. Their first album was released in the year 2015. It featured a track with the same name as their group name. The other track was called Deal. Their second album was released in the year 2016. The name of the album was A juicy secret. It was the first album with only four members.


Girls girls

It is often stated by fans that the true potential of the members was never revealed. This is because they worked on a considerably fewer number of songs. In their two albums, there were less than 10 songs. This way, the members were not able to shine to their fans. However, there is no denying that even with fewer songs, their popularity was never limited. Given here is a list of their tracks that were loved by fans.


The merch of the group GIRLS GIRLS is still available for purchase online. Their disbandment has not affected their popularity and impact. The sales of their merch increased because fans considered it as a way to support them. The endless support that each member gets is considerably high and significant.

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The merch is available in the form of cool outfits and accessories. It is also available as posters and photocards for fans who like decorated rooms.


There is a myriad of online shops with k-pop merch. K-pop merch of GIRLS GIRLS has become very popular among people worldwide. Their unique styles are now defining new boundaries of fashion. The unique color combinations and stage-inspired outfits are beautiful. They can be worn as casuals as well as at parties.

You must always purchase the merch from recognized websites. This is because some fake websites are also operating on the Internet. You should always avoid them to save your money.