Golden child, often abbreviated as Gol-Cha, is a K-pop boy band. It debuted with the EP Gol-Cha! and was launched by Woollim Entertainment. The group originally consisted of ten members, one of whom left in 2018. Woollim entertainment’s launch of Golden Child was their latest launch in 7 years. The band made a cameo appearance on 20th-century boy and girl. Their debut, however, came after a few days on August 28.

Golden Child


The band has been one of the most popular ones among all the Korean boy bands.

Golden Child members

Here are all the members of the band:

  •  Choi Seong Yoon

Stage name: Jangjun

  • Bong Jae Hyun

Stage name: Jaehyun

  • Choi Bo Min

Stage name: Bomin

  • Bae Seung Min

Stage name: Tag

  • Lee Jang Jun

Stage name: Y

  • Lee Dae Yeol

Stage name: Daeyeol

  • Hong Joo Chan

Stage name: Joochan

  • Kim Dong Hyun

Stage name: Donghyun

  • Son Young Taek

Stage name: Seungmin

  • Kim Ji Beom

Stage name: Jibeom

Their tenth member who’d left the band back in 2018 is:

  • Park Jae Seok

Stage name: Jaeseok

Band Leader:

Lee Dae Yeol is the leader of the band. He was born in 1993, and one fun fact about him is that his older brother Sungyeol is in the INFINITE band.

Golden Child ages

Here are the ages of all the members of the band Golden Child:

  • Lee Dae Yeol: Age: 28
  • Choi Seong Yoon: Age: 26
  • Lee Jang Jun: Age: 24
  • Son Young Taek: Age: 23
  • Bae Seung Min: Age: 23
  • Bong Jae Hyun: Age: 22
  • Kim Ji Beom: Age: 22
  • Kim Dong Hyun: Age: 22
  • Hong Joo Chan: Age: 22
  • Choi Bo Min: Age: 21
Golden Child


Golden Child albums

Here are all the albums released by the band Golden Child:

Mini albums

  • Gol-Cha! (released in 2017)
  • Miracle (released in 2018)
  • Wish (released in 2018)
  • Take a Leap (released in 2020)
  • Yes (released in 2021)
  • Studio Albums
  • Re-boot (released in 2019)
  • Game Changer (released in 2021)

Single albums

  • Goldenness (released in 2018)
  • Pump it Up (released in 2020)

Golden Child Songs

After having a look at their albums, we now move to some of their popular songs.

Album Re-boot titles

  • Re-Boot (title length: 1:28)
  • Wannabe (title length: 3:26)
  • Lately (title length: 3:25)
  • Compass (title length: 3:06)
  • No Matter What (title length: 3:23)
  • A Song For Me (title length: 3:47)
  • Spring Again (title length: 3:51)
  • She’s My Girl (title length: 3:18)
  • Our Heaven (title length: 3:36)
  • Fantasia (title length: 3:19)
  • Don’t Run Away (title length: 3:46)
  • Go Together (title length: 3:58)

Game Changer titles:

  • Game Changer (title length: 1:35)
  • Ra Pam Pam (title length: 3:31)
  • Bottom Of The Ocean (title length: 3:18)
  • Fanfare (title length: 3:03)
  • Singing In The Rain: (title length: 3:02)
  • Game (title length: 3:20)
  • Spell (title length: 3:24)
  • Out The Window: (title length: 3:17)
  • Poppin (title length: 3:29)
  • That Feeling (title length: 4:06)
  • I Know (title length: 3:14)

Aside from those mentioned, they’ve sung tens of other songs in the other albums. Their fan base has only seen to grow and is unlikely to stop any time soon.

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