Hello Venus was a girl K-POP band from South Korea formed under Tricell Media. The group had six members. The group made its debut in the year 2012. It was the year a lot of K-pop groups made their debut in the music industry. The group was going pretty well but in the year 2019, the group disbanded. The contracts of the members expired in the year 2019 and were never renewed. Let us know about the group in detail.

Hello Venus


Hello Venus Debut

It made its debut on 9th May in the year 2012. The group made its debut under Tricell media. The group had six members when they made their debut. The group members had their contracts under two brands, Plediss Entertainment, and Fantagio. Both Pledis and Fantagio formed a joint venture under Tricell Entertainment which made the existence of Hello Venus possible. The group became popular with their songs. But on 8th May 2019, the contacts of the members expired and then Pledis and Fantagio were unable to come to a suitable agreement which made the renewal of the contracts impossible. This led to the permanent disbanding of the group.

Hello Venus members

It had six members in its group. Two of the members were signed under Pledis Entertainment and the remaining four members were signed under Fantagio. The leader of the group was Alice. She was the face of the group and the main vocalist. She is also a fluent piano player. The second member was Nara. She was the central visual and vocalist of the group.

Lime was the main rapper and lead vocalist of the group. Seoyoung was one of the main vocalists of the group and was praised for her voice. Yooyoung was the lead dancer and one of the rappers of the group. Yeorum was one of the vocalists of the group. The group also had two additional members Yoon-Jo and Yoo Ara. Both of them were part of the group when they made their debut but left the group in middle.

Hello Venus Ages

This band saw a drastic change in members from the time they made their debut. Before its disbanding, the group had six members. All the members were very young and were very popular among the youngsters. Group leader Alice was born on 21st March 1990. She is currently 31 years old.

Vocalist and Central Visual Nara was born on 13th March 1991. Presently she is 30 years old. Main rapper and dancer Lime was born on 19th January in the year 1993. Presently she is 28 years old. Lead Vocalist Seoyoung was born on 27th June in the year 1994. Presently she is 27 years old. Lead dancer and lead rapper Yooyoung was born on 23rd January in the year 1995. Presently she is 26 years old. Sub Vocalist Yeoreum was born on 4th June in the year 1996. She is presently 25 years old and was the youngest member of the group. (All the ages were calculated as of the year 2021).

Hello Venus Albums

It produced around seven albums throughout its tenure. Five of the albums were extended plays and one live album. One of the most famous and popular albums is “Would you stay for tea?” and “Hello Venus lives album”. Both the albums were released in the year 2013.

Hello Venus Songs

Hello Venus produced some of the most liked teenage songs of that period. Two of the all-time best songs of Hello Venus include I’m Ill and Venus. Apart from these two, wiggle wiggle and sticky sticky also became a fan favorite at that time.

Hello Venus


Hello Venus Merchandise

Hello Venus produced a lot of merchandise and was popular among teenagers at that time. Although the band has disbanded their fans are still there and purchase their merchandise.

Hello Venus Shop

If you are a fan, you should have merchandise of your favorite bands. So if you like it then you ought to have their merchandise with you. There are several stores on the internet where you can visit and purchase your Hello Venus goodies. Although it is disbanded its fans still keep their goodies with themselves.