The Hallyu wave has taken the world by storm. K-pop bands continue to be the top choice of people who enjoy good music. It becomes essential to know about bands like HOTSHOT that initially paved the way. K-pop fans like purchasing merch and to be honest, what is better than that!


The band was among the most famous k-pop bands since its release. The band debuted in the year 2014 on October 31. It debuted under a company known as Star Crew entertainment. Since each k-pop band has an official name for their fans, HOTSHOT called their fans HOTPLE.

HOTSHOT members

The band debuted with a total of six members. Each member had a different stage name apart from their birth name.

  • Choi Jun Hyuk was the new leader of the group and also served as the main vocalist. His stage name was Jun Hyuk, short for his actual name.
  • The second member was Kim Moon Gyu, also known as Timoteo, which is his stage name. He was regarded as the visual of the group and was the lead dancer and rapper.
  • The third member Roh Taehyun was the main dancer and was often concerned with discerning choreography.
  • Ha Sung Woon was the main vocalist of the group and was often called Cloud.
  • Yoon San Hyuk was the main rapper and preferred to go with his stage name Yoonsan.
  • Ko Hojung was the maknae of the group and loved by all. He was also assigned the position of lead visual.
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The current ages of all HOTSHOT members are given here. The age mentioned here is not in terms of the Korean age.

  • Choi Jun Hyuk- born in 1992. The current age of the idol is 25.
  • Kim Moon Gyu- was born in 1993. His current age is 26.
  • Roh Tae Hyun- was born in 1993. The current age of the idol is 26.
  • Ha Sung Woon- was born in 1994. The current age of the idol is 27.
  • Yoon Sang Hyuk- born in 1994. The current age of Hyuk is 27.
  • Ko Ho Jung- born in 1994. The current age of Ho Jung is 27.

HOTSHOT albums


The band mainly worked on two albums which gained a very positive response from their fans. The album titled ‘Am I Hotshot?’ was released in the year 2015. Their second most awaited album ‘Early Flowering’ was released in the year 2018. This was their last album since the group disbanded after that. Two members of the group were promoted to another band named ‘Wanna One’.


The group worked on more than thirteen songs, all of which gained high views. Some of these were part of their albums while others were singles. ‘Rain on me’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Step by step’, and ‘Take a shot’ were their most famous songs. These songs are a constant part of fans’ playlists and are often jammed onto the dance floor.

The songs are still performed as covers by a lot of present generation groups. These performances are an indication of the group’s popularity even after its disbandment.

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