Kpop boy groups are very popular among the youth worldwide. They are known for their killer moves and high-energy choreography. The concepts of boy groups like iKon are very deep. Each music video is speculated to have different stories according to fans’ theories.

Even though the group was initially popular, one of their songs gave them new milestones. This song became a part of every fan’s playlist. It was very widely used as audio for different types of online videos. It is known by people from all around the world, even when they are not fans.

iKon debut

The group that booted in the year 2015 on 15 September. The number 15 is very lucky for the band and its members. They debuted with a total of seven members. Their debut was highly anticipated by fans. They had been following their favorite idols from their trainee days.

iKon members


All members of the group are known for their unique voices and ability to rap. A brief account of the members is given here.

  • Kim Han Bin- He is the leader of the group and also functions as the lead rapper. He is often seen in the center of the group being the lead dancer. He is known by his stage name B.I.
  • Kim Ji Won- He is the main rapper of the group and is also referred to as the visual. He is known for his amazing rapping skills and strength.
  • Kim Jim Hwan- He is the main vocalist of the group and a part of the dance line. He’s fluent in many languages like Japanese, Chinese, and English. He is often compared to Leonardo DiCaprio because of his visuals.
  • Koo Jun Hoe- He is known by his stage name June. He is the main vocalist of the group and has a very flexible body. He likes to write and often plays a role in writing their lyrics.
  • Song Yoon Hyung- He is the sub-vocalist for the group and the visual. He gets a significant time in their music videos due to his finding some looks. His dream was to become an actor.
  • Kim Dong Hyuk- He is the main dancer of the group and has a role in their vocals. He has also worked with other members in a subunit. He also participated in a training competition organized by JYP.
  • Jung Chan Woo- He is the maknae of the group and often plays with the other members. He has acted in many dramas. He is known for being a lookalike of Chanyeol.

iKon ages

  • Kim Jin Hwan- He was born in 1994.
  • Song Yoon Hyung- He is a 1995 liner.
  • Kim Ji Won- He was born in the year 1995.
  • Kim Dong Hyuk- He is a 1997 liner.
  • Koo Jun Hoe- He was born in the year 1997.
  • Jung Chan Woo- He is a 1998 liner.
  • Kim Han Bin- He was born in the year 1996.

iKon albums

The boy group has worked on more than 15 albums. Some albums out of these had Japanese songs. Somewhere also many albums with a lesser track count. Some of their most famous albums include:

  • Welcome back
  • Dumb and dumber
  • Return

iKon songs

Love scenario was the group’s epic breakthrough. The song became so popular that it was the first choice of social media creators. It was performed by the group on many award shows. All of their songs have received a very positive response from their fans.

iKon merch

The official merch of the group can be purchased from online shops. These online platforms provide the fans with their favorite products. The products are updated after each comeback of the group iKon. They can also purchase albums and posters of the group. The websites provide discounts on the products during certain months.

iKon shop

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