Jus2 is a South Korean K-pop band that was formed by JYP Entertainment on March 5, 2019. It is the second Got7 sub-unit formed after the project ‘JJ.’ 

Jus2 members

It was a group of two with Jay B and Yugyeom as its members.

1. Jay B AKA JB

Lim Jae-beom, aka JB, was born on 6 January 1994 in Siheung, South Korea. He was often called by his stage name Jay B. He played multiple roles in his singing career, like a Singer, Songwriter, and Actor. The boy band Got7 selected him as the leader. He was a member of two boy band duo groups, the JJ project and the subunit, Jus2. In 2012 he acted in Dream high2, a drama series, thus making his debut in the small screen industry.

Jay B completed his studies at Konkuk University. He excelled in the fields of record production and dancing. He was active in his journey of singing from the year 2012. His singles were Rainy and Switch it up. ‘Rainy’ was taken from the album Hyena on the Keyboard. ‘Just Because,’ ‘Hush,’ ‘Celebrate,’ ‘Higher,’ and ‘Dream’ were a few of his remarkable songs.

2. Yugyeom

Coming to the member Yugyeom of this boys’ duo band, Kim Yu-gyeom was his birth name, he was born on November 17, 1997. He hails from Seoul, South Korea, was born there, but most of his childhood was spent in Saudi Arabia, later on, he moved to Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He pursued his graduation from Daekyeung University. His specialties include singing, dancing, and writing songs. He worked for JYP and AOMG, creating some fantastic songs and singing for the same. Yugyeom was an active member of many variety shows. ‘WIN: Who Is Next,’ ‘Hit The Stage,’ and ‘Law Of The Jungle’, ‘King Of Mask Singer’ are a few of them.

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Some of the songs that played a vital role in his music career were ‘The Way You Are’, ‘You Know,’ and ‘No Way.’ He was also a huge participant in radio presentations and came up with several music videos as well. ‘Fine,’ ‘I Want You Around,’ and ‘All Your Fault’ were the music videos released, with him being a significant part of them.

Jus 2

Jus2 ages

Yugyeom is 23 years old, and Jay B is 27 years old. Yugyeom started his career in 2014, debuted as a member of Got7, and became a part of the duo subunit Jus2. His single was ‘All Your Fault’ taken from the album ‘Point of view: U’. One of his Extended plays was ‘Point of view: U.’ 

Jus2 albums 

Jus2 came up with their extended play ‘Focus,’ which included six tracks, with the title track, ‘Focus on me.’ This was their debut extended play, released on March 5, 2019. They composed a music video for the main song that was released on March 3, 2019. Jay B and Yugyeom had their debut stage performance on Mnet’s M Count down. The album ‘Focus’ was ranked number 6 on the Billboard World Album Chart. ‘Focus’ is available in the CD, digital download, and streaming audio formats. Hence all their activities in the music field happened in the year 2019.

Jus2 songs

Jus 2 made soundtrack appearances in  ‘New Dreaming’ and ‘Together’ from the album Dream High2, released in 2012. ‘Forever Love,’ ‘Be With You,’ ‘U& I’ were the other soundtracks he made. He was awarded the category ‘Best All Rounder’ in JAPAN Music Awards held in 2020. Jay B performed in many shows including ‘The Romantic And Idol,’ ‘Hyena On The Keyboard,’ and ‘Prison Life Of Fools’.

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They released an original soundtrack for ‘He is Psychometric,’ named ‘Take.’ 


Jus2 merch

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