K-pop formed with a great American influence, with the rhythm of hip-hop, jazz, and rock, yet came up with a brand new concept to entertain the audience. The amazing mixed-gender K.A.R.D group produced some lovely songs over the years. “Oh Nana”, “ Don’t Recall”, “Rumor”, “Bomb Bomb”, and “Dumb Litty” are a few of them.

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Everything You Need To Know About K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D debut

This co-ed group debuted in 2017 with their extended play named ‘Hola Hola’. They drew the attention of Forbes as well as Billboards. The magazine also complimented them as “one of the most successful co-ed K-pop acts ever to exist. It was ranked number 3 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

K.A.R.D members

This mixed group consisted of the members J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. They took part in magazine photoshoots and concerts. The agency owners signed up for long-term contracts, and hence in a brief period, the songs were ranked on the top of Billboards and Gaon album charts, making the K-pop music bands popular, worldwide. 

K.A.R.D ages

Boys and girls who become members of the K-pop bands often join the team very early. Mostly their age ranges from 15- 20. DSP media created K.A.R.D in the year 2016. Their debut officially happened in the year 2017. KARD is a South Korean music co-ed group (co-ed is a vocal group consisting of both male and female singers. Mostly in their teenage), unlike the other K-pop (Korean pop) music bands. The artists underwent rigorous training to achieve perfection in every performance. They originated in Seoul, South Korea.

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Their second extended play was released in the same year, 2017. Where they came up with yet another excellent album for the listeners, ‘You and me.’ ‘You and me’ were ranked number 8 on the Gaon Album Chart, and number 4 on the US World Albums Chart. Number 17 on the US Heat Seekers Album Chart back then.

The third extended play by KARD came up in 2018; after a short break, the team came up with the play named ‘Ride on the wind’. It reached number 7 on the Gaon Album Chart and number 8 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

Their fourth extended play, ‘Red Moon,’ was released in 2020, after performing live concerts, digital singles, etc. It won level 10 on the Gaon Album Chart. The title track ‘Gunshot’ from their album ‘Way with words’ achieved number 9 position on the ‘Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart’.


They performed in live music concerts, Wild K.A.R.D tour, and Play your K.A.R.D suitable tour. K.A.R.D was awarded in the ‘Rookie category’ in the ‘Asia artist awards’. They won many other awards, given to the rising talents and were titled ‘Top co-ed idol title’ in the ‘Korea first brand awards’. Their popular soundtracks are ‘ Here we now’ and ‘wingless angel’.

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K.A.R.D merch

When the Asian and American audiences started loving K-pop and became die-hard fans in a few years, they were not falling for the music. The costumes are worn, and the colored hair and the beat of dances stayed in their hearts forever. 

This led to the love of their K-pop merchandise. The fans followed exactly what their idols wore; hoodies, glasses, pyjamas, accessories, photo cards, car accessories, cosplays, animal and pokemon printed outfits.

K.A.R.D shop

K.A.R.D has made a huge fan following from their versatile singing and many albums during their band career. People have always desired to be like them and getting some merchandise will be the best thing that can cherish their moments. The craze towards their band is huge. So get these outfits and other stuff for the one who is a huge fan of the K.A.R.D band.