KARA ( called kara) is a popular girl band from South Korea. This group was formed in 2007 and is owned by DSP Media. After having many alterations in the group, the final lineup of this band was Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, Han Seung-Yeon, and Heo Young-Ji.

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Earlier, Kang Ji-young and Nicole Jung used to be members of this band, who officially left the group in 2014. Also, Kim Sung-hee left the group in 2008.

KARA Debut

Initially, this group consists of four members, who started their journey in 2007. Their first debut album was “The first blooming” Also; they released a single named “break it” in the same year. Consisting of the best group members, the expectations from this group were very high. KARA is considered to become the successor of their senior label called Fin K.L. However, the group can’t meet the expectations and didn’t receive a response and appreciation from the public.

After their commercial failure in the K-pop industry, Kim Sung-hee officially left the group for parental pressure. That year, Kang Jiyoung and Goo Hara were the new additions to the group. This band changed its musical image and style for performing better.

KARA Members

At its earlier stage, KARA consisted of four members named Gyuri, Seungyeon, Youngji, and Hara. This group has seen many alterations and a departure from the lineup in its lifetime. Kim Sung-hee officially left the group for her parental pressure issues. Similarly, Kang Ji-Young and Nicole Jung departed from the group after the expiration of their contract.

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This group debuted in the K-pop industry in 2007 under the name of DSP Media. On 14 January 2016, this band has been disbanded.


The official details regarding the group and its members are mentioned below-

Fandom Name ( Official) – Kamilia

Fan Color ( Official) – Pearl Peach


  • Real Name- Park Gyu Ri
  • Role- Lead Vocalist and Leader
  • D.O.B- 21 May 1988
  • Zodiac Sign- Gemini


  • Real Name- Han Seung Yeon
  • Role- Main Vocalist
  • D.O.B- 24 July 1988
  • Zodiac Sign- Leo


  • Real Name- Hur YoungJi
  • Role- Lead dancer, maknae, vocalist, and main rapper
  • D.O.B- 30 August 1994
  • Zodiac Sign-Virgo


  • Real Name- Goo Ha Ra
  • Role- Visual face, main dancer, and vocalist of the group
  • D.O.B- 13 January 1991
  • Zodiac Sign- Capricorn

KARA Albums

In their operational period from 2007 to 2016, they have released and composed nine studio albums, eight compilation albums, and more than twenty video albums. Apart from releasing albums, they have composed 27 singles.

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Along with composing albums for the South Korean industry, they made their official debut in the Japanese music industry in 2010, with their dubbed version of Mister for a Japanese audience. Also, they have composed many soundtracks for popular Japanese and Korean dramas.

KARA Songs

There are a bunch of Korean and Japanese songs composed and produced by KARA. Some of their songs are 2Me, Aha, Baby Boy, Binks, Baby I need you, Broken Promise, Burn, Bye Bye Happy Days, Date, Electric Boy, Follow me, etc. Also, they have dubbed many Korean version songs into the Japanese version.

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