While the Western audience fell for the hip-hop style of music, the Asian audience became fans of flashy outfits, melodic lyrics, and well-choreographed dance beats. KNK and Its success did not arise overnight. Years of hard work and intense training are involved in every performance they come up with.

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KNK band music is not just a music genre. It is an art of storytelling through music and videos about South Korean culture and traditions. As much as the audience, the K-pop stars also enjoy their performances to a greater extent, and they keep it unique with their innocence, breathtaking expressions, and style. Every detail is paid utmost attention, be it the songs they compose or the accessories they choose.

Everything You Need To Know About KNK

KNK stands for K-pop Knock, and its meaning is ‘to knock on the door of K-pop with their music.’

KNK debut

This boys’ group was formed by YNB Entertainment. They officially debuted in the year 2016. On the stage, the performance becomes ecstatic to the viewers when the K-pop bands come up with eye-catching outfits, colored hair, easy-to-sing lyrics, and incredible energy.

KNK members

The group consists of five members. Seoham, Jihun, Inseong, Dongwon, and Heejun, There was one more member in the group who left, Youjin. This band is a music genre with the American influence of hip-hop, jazz, and rock which originated in the late 80s and became full-fledged in the 90s. It is one of the K-pop boys’ groups that originated in Seoul, South Korea. K-pop has boys, girls, and co-ed groups equally famous for producing quality music and winning many audiences’ hearts.

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KNK ages

The K-pop band usually hires talented youngsters between the ages of 15- 20. Since they are all teenagers, they make the audience lively with their innocence, cuteness, and energetic performances. During their career, they released many songs and albums that have a milestone and the love they deserve.

KNK albums

This boys’ group came up with their first extended play in 2016, named ‘Awake.’ Billboard World Album Chart ranked this number 14 on their list. Awake was complimented as ‘one of the most promising K-pop debuts from the first half of 2016’. They brought back yet another extended play, ‘Remain’, later in the same year. 

Meanwhile, in March 2017, they had their first Asian tour and the first solo concert. They released their second single album, ‘Gravity’ in the same year, reissued later as ‘Gravity completed.’ The group performed in their third extended play, ‘KNK Airline’ in 2020, where the title track was named ‘Ride.’

KNK’s single albums were ‘Knock,’ ‘Gravity,’ ‘U/ Back Again,’ ‘Lovely night’ and KNK S/S Collection. 


KNK songs

Like all the other famous K-pop bands, KNK also came up with unique, memorable lyrics and songs. The most popular singles of this boy’s group, taken from different albums, are ‘Knock,’ ‘I remember,’ ‘Back Again,’ ‘U,’ ‘Sun, Moon, Star,’ ‘Rain,’ ‘Closer,’ ‘Lonely night,’ ‘Sunset’ and ‘Ride.’

KNK merch

When K-pop gained a lot of die-hard fans all over the world, over the years, people did not just love their music or dance. A lot of them loved the trendy costumes and accessories which they used in their shows. Fans love to collect all the goodies by replicating the style of their favorite music idols. The merchandise ranges from Hoodies, Caps, T-shirts, Mugs, Car accessories, Hair accessories, Kawaiis, Cosplay outfits, and the list goes on.

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KNK shop

You can find the daily wear Pyajamas and T-shirts and the festive wears and theme party wears. They come up with beautiful Kawaiis and Cosplays, readymade. Otherwise, it is a time-consuming and effort-consuming job to put the accessories together and get them in a complete form. Here the professional designers help you to get the best of what you are looking for.