The music industry in general does not have that many girls groups. You would hardly see any. The same is the case with the Kpop industry. However, one group dominated this male supremacist genre. We are talking about the girl’s band named LPG. It is a South Korean band. They debuted way back in 2005 for that matter. They disbanded in 2016. After playing for over a decade.

They started their insane and beautiful journey of Kpop under Chan2 productions. Some of the members of the group were pageant participants. That shows why all the members are so beautiful. LPG stands for Lovely Pretty Girls. The name is quite ordinary. But their work was extraordinary and exceptional. 



LPG debut

The band was formed under Chan2 productions. They were given the opportunity of performing by them. They started on 2005, August 10th. They marked their debut with their first studio album. The name of the album was “Long Pretty Girls.” They started with 4 members. Their first single from the album was named “ Can-Can.” This song and album in particular got some media attention. However, they lacked the commercial success that they might have been looking for. 

LPG members

When the band was formed there were only 4 members. However, the number changed with time. Some left the group, some joined the group. Let us look at all the members one by one. The list of members is as follows. Songha, Rahi, Ayul, Lani, Jieun, Yuju, Rika, Jiwon, Han Young, Her Yun-Ah, Da Eun, Lee se-Mi, Riwon, Soo Ah, Yeon Oh, Ga Yeon, Su Yeon, Yu Mi, Eun Byul. These were all the members of LPG. Also, they all focused on vocals. 



LPG age

Let us now look at the ages of LPG members. First up Is Jiwon. She is 34 years old. She was born on February 12th, 1987. Next is Riwon. She is 30 years old. She was born on April 4th, 1991. Songha is next up. Songha is 30 years old. She was born on July 29th, 1991. Jieun is 27 years old. Hanyoung is 43. Yeonoh is 41. Yoonah is 38. Sooah is 28. Yumi is 28 as well. Semi is 37. Gayeon is 37 again. Rahee is 37 also.

Lani is 36. Rika is 35. Eun Byul is 34. Yuju is 33 years old. Suyeon is 33 years old. Daeun is 33 years old. Ahyul is 27. And last but not least we have Eunji who is 27 years old. She was born on November 28th, 1993. These are the ages of all 20 members of the group.

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LPG albums

Their first album was named Long Pretty girls. A decent success it got. However, it was far from a commercial success. Their next album did not do that well either. Arm Pillow was their second album. They grossed a total of 2,359 sales. In 2008 some of the members left the group. Hanyoung and Sooah left. And it was the first time there was a change in members. With new members, they released the “doorbell of love.” A decent amount of albums have been released by them. With so many changes in the crew, they still managed to retain the originality they had.

LPG songs

You can take any of their songs, and I guarantee you would enjoy it. Every of their song is brilliant. Some of the best songs they have are “ Filial daughters’ generation”, “Angry”, and “CAN CAN.” Explore their music and trust me you would fall in love with them.

LPG merch

A lot of different merchandise of LPG is available on the Kpop nation’s site. You can browse the site for yourself and buy the stuff from there. You are guaranteed to get top-notch quality products and guaranteed satisfaction.

LPG shop

To show your love towards the group. You can simply buy their merchandise. Wearing LPG merchandise would reflect your love and passion for the group. Even though the group lasted for a little time. But yet, the memories and songs that they gave must be celebrated. Celebrate them by buying LPG merchandise from the Kpop nation.

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