Marmello debuted as the female K-pop band in May 2017. Their first project together was “Puppet” and was sponsored by the company Rolling Culture One. The band didn’t last long as their last performance came right after a year in April 2018, and it was officially announced in 2019 that they’d all separated.



Marmello members

Choi Youna

Stage name: Youna

She has been educated at DongDuk Women’s University and has been an athlete. She’s participated in numerous track and field events. She also likes playing guitar in her free time.

Kim Do Run

Stage name: Doeun

She is an alumnus of Baekseok Arts University. Got into music right from her childhood. She also likes cooking.

Jeon Ga Eun

Stage name: Gaeun

She graduated from Baekseok Arts University. She likes watching music and swimming.

Kim Hyeona

Stage name: Hyeona

She’s been a student at the International University of Art. She’s a great player of piano and likes arm wrestling.

Yoon Da Eun

Stage name: Daeun

She’s also graduated from the Baekseok Arts University like many of her former bandmates. She’s an introvert, and she admires the group Chainsmokers.



Marmello Ages

Here are the ages of all their members:

  • Choi Youna : Age: 25
  • Kim Do Run: Age: 25
  • Jeon Ga Eun: Age: 25
  • Kim Hyeona: Age: 24
  • Yoon Da Eun: Age: 25

Marmello albums

Mini albums:

  • Wake Me Up (released in 2018)
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Digital singles:

  • Puppet (released in 2017)
  • Can’t Stop (released in 2017)
  • Promotional singles:
  • Can’t Stop Pyeongchang (released in 2017)

Marmello songs

Wake me up album:

  • Pocket Doll (title length: 3:13)
  • Moonlight (title length: 3:56)
  • Thank U (title length: 4:01)
  • Wake Me Up (title length: 3:29)

Puppet album (released on May 24, 2017)

Can’t Stop album (released on October 22, 2017)

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