It is undeniable that the Korean pop industry has significantly influenced the west with its energetic beats and catchy lyrics. Thousands of people attend their concerts while screaming their lungs out and singing songs in a different language. Bands like the Mighty Mouth are unarguably the OG K-pop bands. 

Mighty Mouth

In April 2016, this Korean male duo launched their first agency titled Almighty Records April 2016. They also released a new single and music video on Instagram in February 2018. However, this track was nothing like their previous ones.

Instead, it brings out the softer and sensual side of the two singers and actors. Despite that, the track is upbeat, energizing, fun, and makes us tap our feet on the beat. Moreover, the music video features a few supermodels.

In this article, you will discover a few more things about this duo that you might have missed earlier. But for the uninitiated, let us begin with the basics. 

Mighty Mouth debut

Mighty Mouth is a highly admired Korean male duo with Sangchu and Shorry J as the two members. This band debuted on March 3, 2008, by releasing their digital single I Love You. They also cast Yoon Eun Hye in their album and Sunye of Wonder Girls for their Energy album. Apart from this, Son Dambi was in their Family album.

Mighty Mouth members

  1. Sangchu

Lee Sangchul, also recognized by his stage name Sangchu, is a Korean singer and rapper. Although the singer has completed his education at the Korea University School of Media and Communication, he had his cameo role in To The Beautiful You as a muscle boy in 2012. 

Furthermore, the singer pursued his mandatory military service in Gyeonggi-do. Here, he served as a duty soldier and got discharged on August 8, 2014. Apart from this, the singer has been a topic for media controversies many times. Consequently, Sangchu was sentenced to ten days in a military jail.

  1. Shorry J

Shorry J was the youngest in the duo and was recognized for his singing and acting skills in the entire industry. The singer debuted his acting role in 2014, where he had to play the role of a gang member. Apart from this, he also played a crucial role in The Flower in Prison (2016). 

Mighty Mouth ages

  1. Sangchu

Date of birth- January 13, 1982

Age- 40 years

  1. Shorry J

Date of birth- October 4, 1982

Age- 39 years

Mighty Mouth albums

The duo continued its legacy by releasing two studio albums Energy, (2008), Mighty Fresh (2011), and two extended plays (EPs), Love Class (2009) and Navigation (2012). Not only this, but the band also released 21 singles albums. They also did two super hit collaborations, Love Will Come (2010) and Super Hero with Shinsadong Tiger (2011).

Mighty Mouth

Mighty Mouth songs

It is undeniable that the duo gave some of the bestselling tracks and albums to the industry. They were nominated for Best New Male Artist (200) and Best Hip Hop Performance (2008) for their song I Love You ft. JJ. Moreover, they were also in nominations for the Best Rap Performance (2011) award for their song Tok Tok. The duo won the Newcomer Award in Seoul Music Awards (2009). 

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