There are a lot of groups in k-pop. Some of them are very popular in Korea while some get more fans overseas. This difference occurs because of their music. Some groups like MONSTA X produce songs that are loved by a variety of people. Others produce songs that are more ethnic and are loved by the netizens.

MONSTA X is one of the top groups in South Korea. it is very popular both in the country and overseas. Currently, their contract will expire in the year 2022. Fans are wondering whether they will renew their contract or sign with a new company.

MONSTA X debut

The group debuted in the year 2015 on 14 May. It can be said that 2015 was the year of W for many famous groups. Their debut was with their first play named Trespass. The group is going strong and blessing the fans with good music.

MONSTA X members 

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The group consists of six members. It was created with the help of a survival program under the label Starship entertainment.

  • Shownu – He is the leader of the group and also the main dancer. He formerly trained under JYP and also starred in Korean dramas. He has also participated in dance shows like ‘Hit the Stage’.
  • Lee Min Hyuk – He is the visual of the group and part of the vocal line. He has also participated in dramas like ‘High-end crush’.
  • Yoo Ki Hyun – He is the main vocalist of the group and often writes lyrics for the songs. He has also produced hit singles and composed songs.
  • Chae Hyung Won- He is the lead dancer of the group and is usually found at the center. He was formerly a popular model and has starred in multiple K-dramas.
  • Lee Jo Hoon- He is the main rapper of the group and his stage name is Joohoney. He was regarded as the best rapper among the trainees of the label.
  • Im Chang Kyun- He is the maknae and lead rapper of the group. His stage name is I.M. His father was a scientist and therefore he lived in different places like Boston and Israel.


The birth years of the members are given here. Wonho has officially left the group due to issues. So, his data has not been included in the description.

  • Shownu- He was born in the year 1992.
  • Lee Min Hyuk- He is a 1993 liner.
  • Yoo Ki Hyun- He is also a 1993 liner.
  • Chae Hyung Won- He was born in the year 1994.
  • Lee Ho Joon- He is almost the same age as Hyungwon.
  • Im Chang Kyun- He is a 1996 liner.

MONSTA X albums

Monsta X

The group has produced more than 15 albums since its debut in 2015. Their latest album was released in the year 2021, it was titled ‘Flavors of Love’. One of their albums was a series titled ‘The Clan’. They released two albums in 2020, both of which received immense love from their fans.

  • Trespass
  • The Code
  • Piece
  • Fatal Love
  • One of a Kind
  • All about Luv


The group produces songs in a variety of languages including Korean, Japanese, and English. To date, they have produced 36 singles and eight soundtrack albums. Apart from these, they have worked on eight studio albums. Some of their most popular songs are listed here:

  • Gambler
  • Love Killa
  • Shoot Out
  • Middle of the night
  • Hero
  • Follow
  • Beautiful 
  • You can’t hold my heart
  • Find you
  • Beside you 

MONSTA X merch

The official merch of MONSTA X is one of a kind. It is available in a variety of online shops. The products range from fashionable outfits to cute handbags. Their song lyrics and cartoon sketches are often printed on the merchandise. You must always pay attention to the sizes of the clothes. The measurements are usually mentioned along with the sizes.


If you want to shop merch of MONSTA X, you can look it up online. The official note is sold by the agency as well as different websites. The websites act as a mediator between fans and the manufacturers. Go dress up in your favorite merch of your favorite idols.