MYNAME is created by Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee and is produced by H2 Media. This 5-member kpop boy band has Gunwoo, Seyong, Jun.Q,  Insoo, and Chaejin as members. They made their debut in the music industry in the year 2011on October 27 with Message as their digital single.

Here is everything you need to know about the kpop boy band before you move on to purchasing the different clothing products and items available on the website. But before we get on with the details of the popular boy band which has been in the hearts of teenage girls across the world since late 2011, here are some of the general information which will help you to comprehend the kpop band better.


If you are wondering how the members of the band were made into a band, then we have got that covered too. Seyong was a trainee under JYP Entertainment in the year 2007 but he later joined the present agency after leaving JYP due to personal issues. Insoo on the other hand auditioned for Superstar K2 in the year 2010.

In the year 2011, Fly to Sky’s Hwanhee released a statement that he will be launching a 5 member k pop boy band

MYNAME members

The popular boy band consists of 5 south Korean singers Gunwoo, Seyong, Jun.Q,  Insoo, and Chaejin right from the year of their debut, i.e. in 2011. Gunwoo happens to be the leader of the band along with being the lead vocalist. Seyong and Insoo on the other hand are the rappers and band vocalists respectively. While Jun.Q is multitalented and performs both as a rapper and as a vocalist Chaejin is a sub-vocalist of the band.



Born in  1988 on March 10, Kang In-soo was born in the Gyeonggi province. ChaeJin on the other hand was born on 26 December 1995 in Seoul. Kim Se-Yong was born in the year 1991 on the 20th of November in Busan in South Korea. Lee Gun-woo and Jun.Q were born in 1989 and 1993 respectively.

MYNAME albums

The boy band released their debut single called Message and later made a cameo appearance on the drama Dream High 2 in the year 2012. The band later released their first single album and their lead song called Hello & Goodbye in the year 2012 around June 1. To promote their debut album they appeared on SBS MTV’s Diary on June 25 of the same year.

MYNAME songs

The band made its debut in Japan with Message and the showcase was held at Tokyo’s Shibuya-AX with around 2000 people as the audience. The single ranked No.1 on the Record Sales of the Tokyo Shibuya Tower. The same single is also charted as No.9 on the Oricon Chart. That same year the boy band also became male models for the Japanese Swimwear brand called San-ai.  The band launched their next single in Japanese called What’s Up. This band launched an event for the same after three days of the release.

MYNAME band signed up an exclusive contract under Universal Music Japan with Virgin Records.  After their European Tour, they released their fourth album Alive: Always in your Heart in the year 2016 on December 7. The album started chartered at no. 7 on Oricon Daily Chart and no. 2 on Oricon Weekly Chart.  Although there was news of the band getting disbanded, the production house later confirmed the news to be false. The band is still very much together.

MYNAME merch

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