NCT, an acronym for Neo Culture Technology is a boy band formed in South Korea by SM Entertainment. The band comprises manifold sub-units. The band deals with Mandopop, EDM, hip hop, K-pop, teen pop, R & B, and J-pop genres of music.




A presentation was delivered in January 2016 by Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment. The plan was to form a new boy band as per their strategy of cultural content.

The plan also included the formation of multiple sub-units, who later would collaborate to create music.

These sub-units would not be limited to South Korea but will be framed in different cities or even countries.

This led to the creation of the band in 2016.

SM Entertainment then announced the very first sub-unit on 4th April.

The sub-unit was named NCT U. The announcement of the second sub-unit named NCT 127 was made on 1st July. The 127 stands for the longitude of the city of Seoul. On the 19th of August, SM Entertainment introduced the band’s third sub-unit, NCT Dream. The most recent sub-unit; WayV, which is also a Chinese sub-unit of the band, was officially announced on 31st December 2018. 


The basic concept of Neo Culture Technology is that the number of members does not limit it. It can have multiple sub-units and an unlimited number of members. As new sub-units keep getting formed, newer members will keep getting added to the band.

At the moment they have a total of 23 members: Doyoung, Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Ten, Winwin, Yuta, Renjun, Haechan, Jasmin, Jisung, Jeno,  Jungwoo, Chenle, Lucas, Johnny, Xiaojun, Kun, Hendery, Shotaro, Yangyang, Sungchan.

NCT U does not have any fixed members. The lineup keeps changing according to the concept. Whoever fits the particular concept is taken on board for that particular act.

NCT 127 consists of Taeil (Sub Rapper and Main Vocalist), Johnny (Sub Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Sub Rapper), Taeyong (Visual, Leader, Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, and Center), Yuta (Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, and Sub Vocalist), Doyoung (Sub Rapper and Main Vocalist), Jaehyun (Visual, Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist, and Sub Rapper), Jungwoo (Sub Rapper, Lead Vocalist, and Lead Dancer), Mark (Main Dancer, Main Rapper, and Sub Vocalist), Haechan (Sub Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Maknae and Lead Dancer) and Winwin (Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist, and Lead Dancer) who is currently inactive.

NCT Dream comprises Mark (Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, and Main Dancer), Renjun (Lead Dancer and Main Vocalist), Jeno ( Lead Dancer, Visual, Main Rapper, and Sub Vocalist), Haechan (Main Vocalist), Jaemin (Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual and Sub Vocalist), Chenle (Main Vocalist) and Jisung (Sub Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae and Sub Rapper).

Kun (Main Vocalist, Leader, and Rapper), Ten (Rapper, Main Dancer, Center, and Lead Vocalist), Winwin (Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual and Rapper), Lucas (Lead Rapper, Visual, Center, and Vocalist), Xiao Jun (Rapper and Main Vocalist), Hendery (Vocalist, Main Rapper, Visual and Lead Dancer) and Yang Yang (Vocalist, Main Rapper, Maknae, and Lead Dancer) form the WayV; the Chinese sub-unit.

Members’ Ages

Taeil – 27 years

Johnny – 26 years

Taeyong – 26 years

Yuta – 25 years

Kun – 25 years

Doyoung – 25 years

Ten – 25 years

Jaehyun – 24 years

Winwin – 23 years

Jungwoo – 23 years

Lucas – 22 years

Mark Lee – 22 years

Xiaojun – 22 years

Hendery – 21 years

Renjun – 21 years

Jeno – 21 years

Haechan – 21 years

Jaemin – 20 years

Yangyang – 20 years

Shotaro – 20 years

Sungchan – 19 years

Chenle – 19 years

Jisung – 19 years



Albums and Songs

It has so far released 7 studio albums, 2 live albums, 14 Eps, 39 singles, 2 singles, and 4 reissues.

Some of the most popular tracks are “Without You” by NCT U, “My First & Last” by NCT Dream, “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U, “Chewing Gum” by NCT Dream, “Limitless” by NCT 127, “The 7th Sense” by NCT U. The official fandom is called NCTzen, which means that all the fans are the citizens of NCT.

NCT Merch

The band’s merch has been in demand since their debut.

Every fan would like to have something related to their favorite band.

You also can get their merch at various places and shops.

NCT Shop

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