Oh My Girl came into existence in the world of music in 2015, on April 20 to be exact. WM Entertainment; a South Korean artist management and music production company, is responsible for the formation of this South Korean girl band. 

Oh My Girl

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WM Entertainment, since its foundation on July 21, 2008, has made quite a name for itself and has also acquired clients like B1A4, and ONF among others. Recently this company was acquired by RBW ( Rainbow Bridge World ), another huge and successful South Korean entertainment company.

Oh My Girl made a very strong debut with an extended play of the same name, which LOEN Entertainment distributed. The promotion of their album was done on quite a few music shows in South Korea, by giving televised live performances. In doing so, the band was quite successful to grab the attention of the audience.

The song “Cupid” was most well-received by the public as well as the music critics among all the other songs on the album. It also grabbed a high rank for itself among most of the K-pop music charts and lists for the respective year. 

Names and Ages – 

The band was originally comprised of eight girl members, namely; Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, Arin, and JinE, who exited from the band because of her health issues in October 2017. The ages of these girls are 27 (28 July 1994), 26(1 May 1995), 25(17 September 1995), 25(25 January 1996), 24(4 April 1997), 23(9 September 1997), 22(18 June 1999) and 26(22 January 1995) respectively.

Band Positions – 

Hyojung is the main vocalist and the leader of the band.

Mimi is the vocalist, main dancer, and main rapper.

YooA is the lead vocalist, main dancer, and the face of the group.

Seunghee is another of the main vocalist.

Jiho is also a lead vocalist, visual, and lead dancer.

Binnie is a vocalist.

While Arin is the maknae, lead dancer, and vocalist.

In March 2016, the official fandom name “Miracle” was announced by the band. The name serves as a representation of the coming together of the band members and the fans, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Oh My Girl


The band has made 4 studio albums –

1. The Fifth Season (released May 8, 2019)

2. Oh My Girl (Japan Debut Album) (released January 9, 2019)

3. Oh My Girl (Japan 2nd Album) (released July 3, 2019) 

4. Eternally (released January 8, 2020)

Single Album –  

Listen to My Word (released August 1, 2016)  

Extended Plays –

Oh My Girl (released April 20, 2015)

Closer (released October 8, 2015)

Pink Ocean (released March 28, 2016)

Coloring Book (released April 3, 2017)

Secret Garden (released January 9, 2018)

Banana Allergy Monkey (released April 2, 2018, Korea, released August 29, 2018, Japan)

Remember Me (released September 10, 2018)

And they also have 15 Single Releases.

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