The K-pop band ‘Oneus,’ pronounced as ‘One us,’ has its roots in South Korea, a six-member band formed by RBW. All the members were part of various trainee programs before they joined this boy’s only K-pop band.

Oneus debut

This six-member ensemble made its debut in 2019 with the release of their first extended play, ‘Light Us,’ which featured the hit ‘Valkyrie.’ They received numerous honors for their amazing musical, dancing, and acting skills. They were also nominated for the following award categories after witnessing this incredible musical journey.


Oneus members

Oneus was a group of 6 with  Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion. All the members of this group are from South Korea, either born or migrated to this place.

1. Ravn

Ravn is the stage name, while his birth name is Kim Young Jo. Born on September 2, 1995, he played multiple roles such as a rapper, vocalist, singer, dancer, and producer.

2. Seoho

Known by his stage name, Seoho, his birth name is Lee- Gun-Min. He was born in Daejeon, South Korea, on June 7, 1996. He is a lead vocalist and a singer.

3. Leedo

Leedo was born on 26 July 1997 with his birth name Kim Geon-hak.

He owns a beautiful portfolio as a singer, main rapper, and sub-vocalist.

4. Keonhee

Lee Keonhee, as his birth name, often known by the stage name Keonhee, was born on June 27, 1998. He was a singer and dancer in his music career.

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5. Hwanwoong

Hwanwoong was given as a stage name to Yeo Hwan-Woong. He was born on 26 August 1998. He was known for his best performances as a singer, rapper, and dancer.

6. Xion

Xion’s birth name is Son Dongju, and he was born on January 10, 2000. Singing and dancing are his specialties, and he is talented in both.

Oneus ages

The group participated in many reality shows, titled ‘Show Me The MWM,’ ‘Stand by Oneus,’ ‘Road To Kingdom,’ and ‘Power-up’ are a few among them. They also played a significant role in dramas like K- Campus Life in the year 2021. As a part of their song promotions and to perform live in many Music concerts, they flew to Osaka, Tokyo, NewYork, Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, thus visiting a lot of places, spreading the K-pop music fame and name, all around.

All the Oneus group members were young when they made their debut extended play.

Ravn -26 years

Seoho-25 years

Leedo-24 years

Keonhee- 23 years

Hwanwoong-22 years

Xion-21 years


Oneus albums

One of the studio albums released was on January 19, 2021, labeled by RBW, named as ‘Devil.’ It is available in CD, digital download, and streaming formats.

The famous extended plays by them are :

Light Us- 2019

Raise Us- 2019

Fly With Us-2019


Binary Code-2021 

The musical journey of Oneus as a band started in the year 2018 and is still a very active band producing amazing music every year.

Oneus songs

Oneus released many other songs such as Koisii, Kiseki, A Thousand Stars, Lost, In My Arms, Be Mine, Come Back Home, etc. A few of their singles as lead artists are as follows.

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A Song Written Easily -2020

To Be Or Not To Be- 2020


No Diggity-2021

Black Mirror-2021

Oneus merch

The fans go crazy about their idols, the way they sing, their costumes, and their lifestyle in general. So there is nothing to be surprised about If they love to have a collection

 of their favorite merchandise. 

Oneus Shop

This is enough to show that they are famous enough. So everything they wear and their copies are coming in the market, and most people are wearing it. Their fan base is so huge in the world that those teams are being exported and imported to many countries, so they are one of the best teams that can be found in the world. Their songs and their performances are always the best.