Paran is one of the South-Korean musical bands formed and owned by NH Media. This band consists of five members named P.O, Ace, Ryan, Neo, and AJ rap. All of the members trained together for two years. This band is a team of most ideal people aged 17 years to 25 years old.



The members of these bands are fluent in Japanese and English, which helps them capture the overseas market and the Korean market. All of its members excel in every musical sector like musical production, sub-producing, dubbing, etc.

Their first song, “First Love,” was an instant hit in the market. This song is popular among the audience for its classy and sophisticated feel in voice and phrases. Also, the voice of all five members is displayed equally, which makes their album terrific.

Paran Debut

They debuted in the Korean market in 2005 with their first song named “First Love,” a poem written by Won Tae Yeon. This song is based upon the confession of love between two young teens. Instantly, the music becomes popular in the Korean pop industry.

When they debuted in the industry, people began to compare them with other boy bands debuting in the Pop industry. Despite having unique musical and representation skills, the Paran band is ignored by a lot of people. However, the band members work hard day and night to overcome the criticism from people. And after that, they were calculated among the best K-pop groups in the industry.

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Paran Members

The group consists of five members named Ace, Ryan, Neo, AJ Rao, and P.O. Founded in 2005 by NH Media, this group disbanded unofficially in 2011, after its members departed for the Army. Also, Ryan, Ace, and AJ joined U-KISS for releasing their solo singles.

Paran is the first Korean band who has recorded a song in the Thai language. After releasing their first album, “First Love,” they created a Thai version. Also, they have dubbed and released some of their top hits for Japanese audiences as well.

Paran Ages

The ages and bio-data of Paran band members are mentioned below-

P.O ( Sub-rapper and vocal)

  • Real Name- Lee Su In
  • D.O.B- 04 September 1987
  • Religion-  Christian

Ace (Vocal artist)

  • Real Name- Choi Sung Wook
  • D.O.B- 11 February 1987
  • Religion-  Atheist

Ryan  ( Lead Vocalist)

  • Real Name- Joo Jung Hyuk
  • D.O.B- 19 October 1983
  • Religion-  Christian

AJ ( Main Rapper)

  • Real Name- Kim Jae Seop
  • D.O.B- 04 June 1991
  • Religion-  Buddhism

Neo ( Vocal Artist)

  • Real Name- Yang Seung Ho
  • D.O.B- 22 August 1985
  • Religion-  Atheist

Paran Albums

In their operational period from 2005 to 2011 under NH Media, they have released two albums named Paran- The First and Beyond the blue sky. Also, they have released a lot of singles in Korean. Apart from the Korean version, they dubbed their solo singles and albums into Thai and Japanese languages.



Paran Songs

Chamomile, let’s meet again; first love, habit, Butti, Stubborn Love, Freak, etc., were among the top-hit songs from Paran. Ace and Ryan unofficially moved out of the group with AJ to make their solo singles.

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