Pristin was formed in 2016 by the group named Pledis Entertainment. It was formerly known as Pledis Girlz and consisted of ten members originally. The band members mostly appeared on the TV show Produce 101. On March 21, their debut EP Hi! Pristin was released. The band sadly disbanded in May 2019, when 7 out of 10 members refused to renew their contract with the group.




Im Na-Young

Stage name:  Nayoung

Nayoung is from the capital of Korea and has been educated at Dongduk women’s University. She’s also a songwriter and choreographer. She signed with Sublime Artist Agency in 2019.

Kim Min-Kyeung

Stage name: Roa

Kyeung was born in Chuncheon, Korea, and she started an early training back in 2013. She’s also a prolific songwriter.

Kang Gyeong-won

Stage name: Yuha

Yuha is from Gwangju, South Korea. She likes composing and writing songs. She’s also worked as a dancer in the “My Copycat” music video by Orange Caramel.

Jung Eun-woo

Stage name: Eunwoo

Jung was born in Buncheon, Korea, and she’s an alumnus of the Seoul School of Performing Arts. She ended up 21st on the show Produce 101.

Kang Yae-bin

Stage name: Rena

Rena is from Lisan, South Korea. She’s studied at Dream Vocal Academy and has lived in Philippines for a while. She’s also a former participant in the show Produce 101.

Zhou Jieqiong

Stage name: Kyulkung

Kyulkung was born in Shanghai, China. She’s completed her education at Shanghai School of Music and Seoul School of Performing Arts. She’s also acted in some Chinese dramas and is proficient in Korean and Chinese languages.

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Kim Ye-won

Stage name: Yehana

Yehana was born in Ilsan, South Korea, and she’s an alumnus of SOPA. She’s a former backup dancer at My Copycat music video.

Bae Sungyeon

Stage name: Sungyeon

Sungyeon was born in Seoul but has lived in US for nine years. Her education is from the Orange County School of the Arts. She’s also been a contestant on the singing show Girl Spirt JTBC entertainment.

Park Jung-Hyeon

Stage name: Xiyeon

Xiyeon was born in Korea and was a trainee for nine years. She’s appeared in “Love Letter,” “After School,” and some other music videos.

Kyla Solhee Massie

Stage name: Kyla

Kyla was born in Indiana, US, but moved to California. Her solo EP “Watch Me Glow” was released on June 13, 2020. She’s still a student studying Psychology.



Pristin Ages

  • Im Na-Young: Age: 26
  • Kim Min-Kyeung: Age: 24
  • Kang Gyeong-won: Age: 24
  • Jung Eun-woo: Age: 24
  • Kang Yae-bin: Age: 23
  • Zhou Jieqiong: Age: 23
  • Kim Ye-won: Age: 22
  • Bae Sungyeon: Age: 22
  • Park Jung-Hyeon: Age: 21
  • Kyla Solhee Massie: Age: 20


Mini albums:

Hi! Pristin (released in 2017)

Schxxl Out (released in 2017)

Digital Singles:

We (released in 2016)

Black Widow (released in 2017)

Pristin Songs

Hi Pristin:

Be the Star (title length: 3:27)

Wee Woo (tittle length: 3:14)

Black Widow (title length: 3:14)

Running (title length: 3:09)

Over n Over (title length: 3:44)

We (title length: 3:56)

Schxxl Out:

We Are Pristin (title length: 2:44)

We Like (title length: 3:17)

Aloha (title length: 2:48)

Tina (title length: 2:48)

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You’re My Boy (title length: 3:28)

We :

We (title length: 3:54)

We {instrumental} (title length: 3:54)

Black Widow:

{original} (title length: 3:13)

Black Widow {remix} (title length: 3:14)

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