Formed by DR Music as Rania, it is now known as Blackswan. The popular girl kpop band debuted in the year 2020 with their first full album called Goodbye Rania. The band includes Fatou, Judy, Leaia, Youngheun, and Hyeme although Hyeme left the group in the same year as their debut on November 10. Although Rania was supposed to get launched in the 2010s as the third generation of baby V.O.X with eight members Sam, Sarah, Lucy, Joy, Riko, Xia, Di, and Ti-ae.

Rania debut

In case you are wondering what causes the band’s delay in releasing their debut album then don’t worry we have got it covered for you. The reason why the band’s debut album release was delayed was because-ae, Yina and Riko were chosen to star in Hype Nation alongside former 2 PM Member Jay Park. Rania made its debut in the year 2011 as an original eight-member.

Although right after the debut album was released, Yijo left the group stating work visa issues. The band released their next EP called Time to Rock da show in the year 2011 on November 16. It was written by brave Brothers and the music video for the title track called Pop Pop Pop was launched four days later.


Rania members

Rania or now known as Blackswan happens to have a lot of former members and what started as a group of eight is now a group of four females from South Korea. Although the current four members are no less than the former and have been setting the stage on fire every time they are on it.

The former members of the band were Joy (2011-2012), Riko from the year 2011 to 2013, Jooyi from 2013 to 2015, Di was an original member but left the band in the year 2016, and T-se who also happened to be an original but moved on from the band in 2016.

 In addition to that, Sam now known as Yina was on and off with the band first from 2011 to 2014 and later from 2016 although it lasted for only a year.

Xia too was an original member but she left the band in the year 2016 while Alexandra, Yumin, ttabo, Zi.U, jieun, namfon, Seughyan, and Hyeme were all members of the band during the later stage and left in either 2019 or 2020.

Rania ages

The current member of Blackswan formerly known as Rania includes Leia who was born in the year 2001, Hyeme who was born in the year 1995, Youngheun who is 27 years old and Judy who is 25 years old.

Rania albums

Just Go (Goodbye’s the new Hello) was released in the year 2013 while Goodbye Rania was released under the brand name Blackswan on October 16, 2020. The band released a bunch of extended plays including Teddy Riley, the first expansion in Asia, Time to rock da show, Demonstrate, Start a Fire, and Refresh 7th.

Rania songs

The band released a couple of singles right from Dr. Feel good, Masquerade, Pop Pop Pop, Style, Just go, Up, Demonstrate to Start a fire, Make me Ah, beep beep Beep, Breathe heavy, Tonight. Each of the songs was turned into music videos and thus the popular girls’ kpop band has made its name under the category of videography.


Rania merch

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Rania shop

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