It is one of the oldest bands in the Kpop industry and is still active to this date. Their popularity is immense. And their art shows why they are so popular. The name Shinhwa comes from the Korean word which means myth or legend. They started their journey in 1998. And they are still playing and still winning all the hearts so to say. It is a South Korean brand and is also the longest-running South Korean band. We will see and discuss them in more detail throughout this article.

Shinhwa debut

The band started their era way back in 1998. When they signed and were launched by SM entertainment. They were in contract with 5 years with SM entertainment. When their contract ended. The group decided to stay together and work together. They then signed for the Good entertainment. Their first song was “ The solver” they performed it under the umbrella of SM entertainment in 1998. Although now they work under their terms with Shinwa entertainment. They formed it in 2011.

Shinhwa members

The Group Shinhwa is well versed with people. It is a group full of talented artists. Eric Mun is their main rapper. Lee Min Woo handles the sub-vocals. Jun Jin is also there for sub-Vocals. ShingHye-sung is for vocals, and Kim Dong Wan again is for Sub-vocals. Along with Lee Min, there is another rapper in the group Shinhwa. Andy Lee is the second main rapper of the group. These 6 talented people make up this group. It is hard to stay connected even after these many years. But Shinhwa has been together for massive 23 years and is still going strong. Their popularity is not going to decline anytime soon.

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Shinhwa ages

This music band has been together since 98 making it a 23-year-old band. The band members are not getting younger, but still, their age has nothing to do with their performances. Let us look at the age of these 6 amazing Kpop artists. Let us start in descending order of age. First up is Eric Mun who is the main rapper of the group. So Eric is 42 years old. He is the oldest in the group. He was born on 16th February 1979. Next on the list is Lee Min Woo. Lee min is again 42 years old. However, he is younger than Eric in months. He was born on 28TH July 1979. 

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Kim Dong-Wan is third on the list. He is 41 years old. He was born on the 21st of November 1979. Next up we have Shin Hye-sung. Shin is 41 years old again. He was born on 27 November 1979. That makes him 6 days younger than Kim Dong-wan. Jun Jin is the second youngest member of the group Shinhwa. He is just 40 years old. He was born on 19th August 1980. And at last, we have Andy Lee who is the youngest member of this iconic group. He is 40 and was born on 21 January 1981.

Shinhwa albums

Over the years they have given so much to the people and fans. So many albums are there for you to enjoy. Haegyolsa was their first-ever album. It was released in 1998. They gave some iconic albums like Perfect Man, Hey, Come on, T.O.P, Only One, The Return, the classic, etc. the list goes on and on. Their latest one is Shinhwa Twenty.

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Shinhwa songs.

They have albums, they have singles, they have everything. Whatever kind of mood you are in you can just listen to them and enjoy. The love, Wild Eyes, Venus, and the perfect man are some of the recommendations. 

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