K-pop (Korean pop music) arose in the late 80s, which had its roots in the pop-music world by the 90s with many amazing bands, giving rise to new talents every year. Among the famous bars, sistar has created some amazing albums that made them popular in the pop industry.

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Sistar debut

Like all the other K-pop bands, this girl’s group also debuted in the year 2010. Starship Entertainment launched a South Korean girl’s group Sistar with huge digital sales, worth mentioning. The journey began with some fantastic photoshoots and TV commercials. Soon, the girls started showcasing wonderful music and dance treats to the audience.

Hence they were invited to perform on multiple stages, and occasionally even got an opportunity to perform in Japan’s “Hallyu Music Festival.” 

On Apr 11, 1992, the groups Seo Taiji and Boys performed their music on TV for the first time.

The band has both boys as well as girls’ groups varying in genre, and several group members.

All such music bands were trendsetters for the last two decades and top-ranked in the Gaon Album Chart and the top-listed on Billboards.

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Sistar members

This girl’s group was a quartet with Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom.

Sistar members performed on a show named ‘Teen super star’ in Thailand.

They created so many mini-albums with a package of multiple single songs, as well.

They were one of the rare Korean music groups that got a chance to perform at the Republic of Korea’s 70th Independence day.

Sistar ages

All the stars were aged between 15 and 20 when they made their first debut song. K-pop music is unique to its young stars.

Before every live performance, their efforts to achieve nothing less than perfection needs to be appreciated. 

The band became popular after releasing some of its albums including touch my body and loving you.

Since they were in their teenage, it helped in gaining popularity and fame between the youngsters and music lovers, especially pop song lovers.

Sistar albums 

Their debut studio album was ‘So Cool’ and their second album was ‘Give It to Me,’ which were released on 9 August 2011 and 11 June 2013, respectively.

The most popular hits of the Sistar band were ‘So Cool,’ ‘Touch My Body,’ ‘Alone,’ ‘Loving U,’ ‘Sweet and Sour,’ ‘Shake it,’ and ‘Give It to Me’ are all-time favorites.

‘So Cool’ was a single that ranked number 1 on platforms like Gaon Digital Chart. 

Sistar songs

This girl’s pop group made their first and foremost debut with “Push Push” on 3 June 2010.

They also performed in many stages.

The intense training and the rigorous effort of K-pop music idols took them to the level where every one of their bands achieved millions of followers in a brief period.

The recruiting agencies were ready to sign up the contracts with these rising stars, including boys and girls.

K-pop music acquired great hip-hop, jazz, and rock influences. However, they stood out with their uniqueness in the songs, dance, styles, flashy and eye-catching costumes, etc. Hence it was readily acceptable to both American as well Asian people who loved pop music.

Sistar merch

There is a wide variety of merchandise that fans love to buy; hoodies, sportswear, car accessories, mugs, chic hoodies, T-shirts, pajamas, girl’s accessories, etc., are a few of them.

The costumes and accessories are picked and customized so that they will go well with your daily outfits and for themed parties and carnivals.

Sistar shop

If you are a die-hard Sistar fan and looking for some great photo cards, accessories, and goodies, the Sistar band has released many albums and songs which are available online.

You can grab a deal of merchandise from the Sistar band to showcase your love for your favorite music band. you are not required to visit several websites o get merchandise as these days k-pop merch collections are on-trend.