The Grace is a well-known South Korean girl band, which comes under SM Entertainment. Earlier, this band consisted of four members named- Sunday, Stephanie, Lina & Dana. Stephanie officially left the band after her contract expiration in 2016.

the grace


The actual name of the group is “Cheosang Jihui”, a full form of CSJH. In 2006, the group stated their English name as ‘The Grace’.

The Grace Debut

They debut in the industry with their first album called “Too Good” on 29 April 2005. The Grace made their first live performance in China. Also, their first performance, “Boomerang” and “Too Good”, were broadcasted later on CCTV (China Central Tele Vision-A Chinese Channel). Along with Korean versions, they published Chinese versions of the new tracks: Boomerang, Fight to the end, and Too Good.

Later in 2006, they debuted in Japan with their Japanese single called “Boomerang”. Along with their debut, they published many new tracks and singles, especially for a Japanese audience.

The Grace Members

The Grace, owned by SM Entertainment, consists of three members known as Lina, Sunday, and Dana. Lina and Sunday are the main vocalists of the band, and Dana is the lead vocalist. Earlier, Stephaine performed as a leading dancer in the band.

the grace


In 2016, Stephanie left the band officially, as her legal contract expired with them. Also, they are on a never-ending hiatus since 2010. This band has delivered many successful albums in Korea, Japan, China, and worldwide. Since Stephanie faced a severe back injury, the band is on an indefinite inactivity.

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The Grace Ages

The age, Bio-data, and roles of the three members are mentioned below-


  • Date of Birth- 18 February 1984
  • Age- Presently 37 Years old
  • Height- 168cms
  • Birth-Place- South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign- Aquarius
  • Role- Visual, Main Vocalist


  • Date of Birth- 12 January 1987
  • Age- Presently 34 Years old
  • Height- 164cms
  • Birth-Place- Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign- Capricorn
  • Role- Maknae, Lead Vocalist


  • Date of Birth- 17 July 1986
  • Age- Presently 35 Years old
  • Height- 171cms
  • Birth-Place-  South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign- Cancer
  • Role- Main Vocalist

The Grace Albums

Until now, The Grace has released many albums and singles for Korea, China & Japan. Also, they have produced a lot of lyrical songs worldwide. In Korea, they have produced Single albums like Too Good and The Club, Yeolijeong. Also, they have released a studio album named One more time, OK?

Apart from Korean, they have released a lot of songs in the Japanese version as well. In 2007 and 2009, they released their studio albums named ‘Graceful 4’ and ‘Dear’ respectively. Also, they have given many hit-single albums like Boomerang, Sweet Flower, Juicy Love, Piranha, Here, Stand Up People, etc.

Along with delivering studio and single albums, they hosted many live concerts in China, Japan & Korea. They made a debut in the K-pop Industry through their first live performance in China in April 2005.

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