TRAX is the band now known as Traxx. It was founded in 2004 in South Korea by SM entertainment. Also X Japan’s co-founder Yoshiki contributed to forming this amazing band. Initially, there were 4 members in total. However, now it is more of a trio. And they are known for their EDM. A lot of people ask about the full form of TRAX. Even most of the fans might not be aware of the full form of this band. Well, we will tell you.

TRAX’s full form is “Typhoon Rose Attack Xmas.” They named it after the nicknames of the first 4 initial band members. Below we will try to throw more light on TRAX and celebrate their exceptional musical talent.


The band started their journey under SM entertainment.

TRAX also was given an opportunity by X Japan’s co-founder.

They made their debut in 2004.

They marked their entry into the rock and EDM Kpop world with a single named “Paradox.” They released it on 20th July 2004. The song was taken well by the fans of Kpop and was celebrated globally. Their strong debut created a pavement of success for them.

TRAX members

So the band started with 4 members. First on the list is Kim Jungmo who used to be on the guitar for the group. Then there was Typhoon who was the lead vocalist. No Min-woo was at acoustic drums. And lastly, there was Kang Jung-woo. Later somewhere between 2006 and 2007. No Min-woo and Jungwoo decided to go solo and leave the group. Because of this, the band became a duo as only Jay and Jungmo left in the group.

They changed the name from “ the TRAX” to “TRAX.” The duo enjoyed a lot of success together. Later, Jay went on to pursue acting and Jungmo started collaborating with various artists usually in the Kpop industry.



In 2018, March TRAX again changed its name. this time to Traxx. DJ and producer Ginjo joined the band and also changed their music genre. Now they were no longer a rock band. As they now also made Electronic Dance Music. However, in 2019 the band disbanded unofficially. 




The band made its debut in 2004. They were all pretty young back then. But let us see their current age. So Typhoon is 38 years old. He does not look like someone who is in his late 30s. he was born on 8th April 1983. Next is Kim Jungmo who is 36 years old. He was born on 26th March 1985. Thirdly, we have Kang Jung-woo who is 36 years old currently. He was born on 15th June 1985. And lastly, No Min-woo is 35 years old and was born on 29th May 1986. No matter how old these legends get. Their music would still be there to enjoy.


Not a whole lot of albums have been released by this group. Around 5 official albums have been released by them. They made their debut with the album named “First rain.” This album went to 19th rank at its peak on Korean charts. More albums were released like Oh! My goddess and Scorpio.


With albums, a lot of singles have been released by TRAX over the years. Paradox was their first-ever song and single. Blaze away, criminal scream, Knife, Tears, Over the rainbow, escape, and cold rain is a few of their best songs. Whenever you are in the mood for some Kpop fun you can always tune into them.


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