YG Entertainment formed the K-pop 12-boy band Treasure via its selection program YG Treasure Box. The achievements and popularity of the band had no bounds even with just a debut.

They banged various awards like the Best New Male Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in the year 2020 and the Rookie Artist of the Year at the 35th Golden Disc Awards. One of the most successful South Korean debuts was their “Global Super Rookies” in the year 2020.


Even though there were many pre-releases by the individual members and as well the band themselves, the official debut of Treasure was on August 7, after the release of the track “Boy” from the single album, “The First Step: Chapter One”.

The band’s Japanese debut album was released on March 31 with the same title as in Korean.  




The Treasure band consists of 12 members. Choi Hyunsuk is the main rapper, dancer, and co-leader of the band. Jihoon is the co-leader, main dancer, and lead vocalist. The next member Yoshi is the rapper and dancer. The fourth member Junkyu is a vocalist of Treasure. The fifth artist Mashiho is the main dancer, vocalist, and visual of the group.

The next member Yoon Jaehyuk is the rapper and vocalist. The seventh member Ahasi is the vocalist and the visual of the band. The next member Bang Yedam is the main vocalist and the ninth member Doyoung is the main dancer and vocalist. Haruto is the main rapper and the visual. Park Jeongwoo is also the main vocalist. The last and the twelfth member of the band is So Junghwan. 

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Treasure Ages

Mentioning the age of the members in the band, Choi Hyunsuk is the eldest among the group. He was born on April 21, 1999, and is 22 years old. The second eldest member Jihoon was born on March 14, 2000. Yoshi’s birthday is the next day as Jihoon’s. Junkyu was born on September 9, 2000. All the three, Jihoon, Yoshi, and Junkyu are 20 years old.

Mashiho’s birthday is on March 25, 2001. Yoon Jaehyuk was born on July 23, 2001, and Ahasi on August 20, 2001. These three members are 20 years old. Bang Yedam was born on May 7, 2002, and is 19 years old. Doyoung’s birthday is on December 4, 2003, and he is 18 years of age. Haruto and Park Jeongwoo are 17 years old. Whereas, Haruto was born on April 5, 2004, and Park Jeowong on September 28, 2004. The youngest member of the band is So Junghwan who is only 16 years being born on February 18, 2005. 


The first album by the Treasure band is “The First Step: Chapter One” which was released on August 7, 2020. The next single album was “The First Step: Chapter Two” which was released on September 18, 2020. The next release by the band was “The First Step: Chapter Three”. The full-length studio album was titled “The First Step: Treasure Effect”.

Treasure Songs

The studio album “The First Step: Treasure Effect” has four singles titled “Boy”, “I Love You”, “Mmm” and “My Treasure”. The other tracks include “Come To Me”, “B.L.T”, “Orange” and “Beautiful”. All these tracks were released as music videos.



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Treasure Merch

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