Numerous factors contribute to the popularity of a band in the K-pop industry. The list includes public visibility, performance, aesthetic visuals, innovation, and catchy songs. One such band, renowned for its ability to deliver outstanding music tracks and albums one after another, is Tritops.


It joined the hustle as a three-member team and created a fandom known as Evergreen. Here are a few things you should know about the band and its members.

Tritops debut

Started as a trio, Tritops made its debut in the music industry in October 2007. The band stepped into the glamorous industry with its first album, Boorish Love with Joo Paramount Media.

The team began with Hyungmoon, Ilgoon, and Yoojun as its members. However, Ilgoon left the group to pursue his career as a soloist in 2009. It is when the band changed to DoReMi Media.

Despite that, Woogon joined the band in 2012 whereas, Ilgoon returned in 2013. After his return, the band gave released numerous masterpieces and finally moved to Leader Entertainment.

Tritops members

  1. Hyungmoon

Hyungmoon, also known by his real name Bang Hyun-moon, joined the band as the leader and main vocalist. When Ilgoon left the group to let Hyungmoon and Woogon work as a duo, they released two singles.

  1. Woogon

Woogon joined the band in 2012, and the company moved to Simtong Entertainment. Soon after joining, the band released its first extended play, Sweet Holic (2012). Apart from this, another digital single in the line was I’m a bad guy.

  1. Ilgoon

Kim Il Goon trained with Hyungmoon for five consecutive years before moving out for debuting. Although the singer transferred to New Zealand at 18 years with his parents, he later returned to Korea at 19 to fulfill his musical dreams.

After rejoining the group almost two years later, he continued working as a soloist and the leader. For instance, he released his first solo digital single, Goon, on September 3, 2009.

  1. Yoojoon

Yoojoon is the youngest team member of the group. Apart from his incredible singing skills, he is also renowned for his acting masterpieces. Moreover, the singer has also appeared in dramas like My Precious You (2008).

Apart from being an actor in the show, the singer also released a single for Becoming a Billionaire (2010). He further participated in the musical Goong and released Flower, an EP.

Tritops ages

  1. Hyungmoon

Date of birth-April 4, 1980

Age- 41 years

  1. Woogon

Date of birth-January 30, 1985

Age- 46 years

  1. Ilgoon

Date of birth- January 15, 1987

Age- 48 years

  1. Yoojoon

Date of birth- July 29, 1988

Age- 49 years

Tritops albums

The group gave numerous super hit albums out of which there were:

  • Four singles
  • A studio album
  • Two EPs
  • 32 digital singles

Tritops songs

After having some ups and downs in the group, Tritops returned with a reignited flame on March 29, 2012. The group released I Am A Bad Guy with WooGoon as its new member. The song became so popular that it got featured in the Gaon Digital Chart.

The trio also released their first-ever mini-album on May 25, 2012, under the name Sweet Holic. Furthermore, the return of Ilgoon in 2013 made the group release a new single, Too Foolish To You.


In addition to this, the rock band also started promoting its songs and concerts in countries like Japan. For this, they worked on numerous self-released Japanese songs such as I Miss you, 365 Days, and Sakurabu.

Tritops merch

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