This group is also known as the king of Kpop. And rightly so. The records they hold are just absolutely insane so to say. TVXQ has the record of having the largest official paid fan club. They made this record back in 2008. This record alone is enough to show their popularity and insane craze. Not just that. But also they have another Guinness book record in 2009, they made the record as the most photographed group in 2009.

They were also revealed as the top earners of 2009 in Korea. In that year they had a revenue of a whopping 109 Million US dollars. Isn’t that insane? Throughout their career, they had a revenue of 1.1 Billion US dollars. Their performances are unmatched. They are amazing when it comes to dancing. No wonder why they are so popular. 



TVXQ debut

The group made its debut way back in 2003. On December 26th of that year, they performed their song “hug” and “O holy night.” Later they went on releasing the single “hug” on January 14th. They were signed and launched by SM Entertainment. They were the new stars of the firm. Members did not disappoint either. They were great performing. 

TVXQ members

Through the years a lot of members left the group. This is pretty common in bands. Let us look at all the members who were once present with this famous group. Yunho was on vocals, and Kim Jae- Joong was on main vocals. Changmin was another member of the group. Then they had Park Yoochun. Who used to focus on vocals. And at last, Junsu who again was at vocals. However, now only Changmin and Yunho remain. They came back as a duo. And fans welcomed them with some support and love.



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TVXQ ages

The group has had 5 members. But now it is more of a duo. As other members left. Yunho and Changmin still carry forward the name and the brand of TVXQ. Other members like Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left the band in 2010. But here we will see the ages of each of these band members. Going in descending order of age. First, we have Kim Jae-joong.

TVXQ is the oldest in the group.

He is 35 years old.

He was born on 26th January 1986. Next up we have Yunho who again is just 35. He is a few days younger than Kim Jae. He was born on 6th February 1986. Thirdly we have Park Yoochun. Park is 35 years old and was born on 4th June 1986.

Next up is Junsu. Junsu is 34 years old and was born in 1986, on December 15. And the youngest member of the group is Changmin. He is 33 years old. He was born on 18th February 1988. 

TVXQ albums

TVXQ has given a lot to fans. A total of 16 studio albums and 1 mini-album are available to enjoy. Their first album was “Rising Sun.” They released it in the year 2005. The album debuted at number one on Korean charts and also was the 4th best-selling record of 2005. New chapter #1 is their latest album which they released in 2018.

TVXQ songs

In the TVXQ playlist, you would something to suit your mood. They have something for everyone. Go and enjoy gems like something, My destiny, somebody to love, begin, one, Sleigh Ride, Mirotic, tonight, balloons, etc. Their music is insanely good and unique.

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TVXQ merchandise

If you are a fan of this amazing Kpop group. Then you can even show support by buying their merchandise. You would be getting a top-quality product at a reasonable and affordable price.

TVXQ shop

 The main issue with buying TVXQ stuff from shops is that the quality is compromised. And also foreign customers could not get the good stuff. But do not worry because Kpop nation got you covered well. You can simply come to this site. Browse the stuff. Search for TVXQ and buy their exclusive and amazing merchandise. All products are of top-notch quality and come at an affordable price.