Twice is a girl band from South Korea. It was formed by JYP Entertainment, making it the first group of females under JYP Entertainment.



Twice Debut:

Originally this group was supposed to debut in early 2014, with two members already confirmed. Lena and Cecilia were trainees at JYP Entertainment, who later on walked out of the company. This event forced the company, to eventually cancel the debut of their girl group.

The search for the new members then began. In February 2015, an official announcement was made, on behalf of JYP Entertainment, by the founder J. Y. Park. The announcement unveiled the company’s plan to recruit the members for their girl group through a survival competition show named “Sixteen”. 

The show “Sixteen” started in early May and concluded in early July, giving JYP Entertainment their desired recruits. The group made its debut officially on 20 October 2015. 

Twice Members: 

The girl group comprises a total of nine members. The list of members and their roles are as given below:

Nayeon is a Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, and the Center.

Jeongyeon is the Lead Vocalist.

Momo is a Sub Rapper, Main Dancer, and a Sub Vocalist.

Sana is a Sub Vocalist.

Jihyo is Main Vocalist and the Leader.

Mina is a Sub Vocalist and the Main Dancer.

Dahyun is a Sub Vocalist and a Lead Rapper.

Chaeyoung is Main Rapper and Sub Vocalist.

Tzuyu is a Sub Vocalist, Maknae, Lead Dancer, and a Visual. 

While Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, and Chaeyoung were originally selected, Tzuyu and Momo were later on added. An audience vote was conducted, which led to Tzuyu’s selection. She was extremely popular among the audience throughout the show. 

Later on, being Park’s own choice, Momo was taken on board. Park was thoroughly impressed by her talent and thought that talent like her was needed and would also prove to be good for the group.



Twice Age:

The ages of the members are as follows –

Born on 22 September 1995, Nayeon is 25 years old.

Born on 1 November 1996, Jeongyeon is 24 years old.

Born on 9 November 1996, Momo is 24 years old.

Born on 29 December 1996, Sana is 24 years old.

Born on 1 February 1997, Jihyo is 24 years old.

Born on 24 March 1997, Mina is 24 years old.

Born on 28 May 1998, Dahyun is 23 years old.

Born on 23 April 1999, Chaeyoung is 22 years old.

Born on 14 June 1999, Tzuyu is 22 years old.

Twice Albums and Songs:

Twice released their debut mini-album The Story Begins on October 20, 2015. After a not-so-great response from the audience at the start, the song “Like Ooh-Aah” from this mini-album peaked to the top among the top 10 after 3 weeks of its release. It, later on, became a part of a lot of music charts and acclaimed a lot of praise. The music video of this title track garnered 50 million views in just 5 months, making it the most-viewed music video of any debutant K-pop group.

The group has released 5 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 11 Eps, and 4 reissues. “Twicetagram”, “Perfect World”, “BDZ”, “&Twice”, and “Eyes Wide Open”, are the group’s 5 albums. “Cheer Up” from the EP “Page Two” went on to become the group’s second music video to garner 100 million views.

On 24 February 2017, Twice made its official Japanese debut. The top ten songs of the group are: “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “Like Ohh-Aah”, “Likey”, “Knock Knock”, “What Is Love”, “Yes Or Yes”, “Heart Shaker”, “Dance The Night Away” and “Signal”.

“Once” is the official fandom name of Twice. It conveys the group’s message, that if the fans love them once, they will give them back twice as much. K-pop, J-pop, bubblegum pop, dance-pop, and EDM are the genres that the group often sticks to. 

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