U-KISS began as a six-member group. Initially, the members were Soohyun, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Xander, and Kibum. However, Xander and Kibum left the group after their contracts expired on February 23, 2011. Their departure from the group followed by AJ joining the group Dongo retiring in October 2013.


The only three remaining members of the group were Soohyun, Jun, and Hoon. In this article, you will discover more such things about the band. So let’s get started. 

U-KISS debut

It is a South Korean boy band, formed on August 28, 2008, under NH Media. U-KISS is short for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star. It released its first full-length album, Only One, in 2010, followed by its second full-length album, Neverland.

Apart from this, the band made its Japanese debut in 2011 with the single Tick Tack. Next, the group also released the second Japanese single, Forbidden Love, and a complete album, A Shared Dream (2012). Furthermore, the band debuted in South Korea in August 2008 by releasing their first-ever mini-album, N-Generation.

U-KISS members

  1. Soohyun

Born in the Gyeonggi-do region of South Korea, Soohyun joined the band on March 3, 2011, through its fifth mini album. Before joining the group, he was a trainee for six years under Good Entertainment and JYP. In March 2012, the singer released his Korean digital single ballad track, Snowman. 

Apart from his singing skills, Soohyun also acted in Mr. Idol (2011) as Wonder Boys. Furthermore, he also appeared in the popular TV show K-pop- The Ultimate Audition with other personalities like Kiseop, Eli, and Kevin.

  1. Hoon
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Ever since this South Korean singer joined the band, he became the hot topic for endless gossip. Despite that, he joined the band in 2011 after Kibum and Alexander left due to the termination of their contracts.

His first song with the K-pop band was 0330. However, he also had a solo debut under his name Yeo Hoon Min before joining the band. Apart from this, his acting skills are also a delight to watch U-KISS .

Hoon was in numerous dramas such as Unknown Woman (2017), Goddess of War (2010), Beautiful Man (2013), etc. He was the third member of the group who debuted a solo in Japan with EP Yukisakura on January 16, 2017.

  1. Jun

To everyone’s surprise, Jun is at least six years younger than everyone else in the group. The singer stepped into the K-pop industry by joining the group in June 2014. He released his first solo album on December 5, 2019, as Gallery.

Furthermore, he was also a part of the web series Wonderful Meal in a Strange Country. Jun also appeared on a few K-dramas like Goodbye to Goodbye (2018) and Avengers Social Club (2017).

U-KISS ages

  1. Soohyun

Date of birth- March 11, 1989

Age- 32 years

  1. Hoon

Date of birth- August 16, 1991

Age- 29 years

  1. Jun

Date of birth- January 22, 1997

Age- 24 years


U-KISS released some of the best albums out of which:

  • Eleven studio albums
  • Seven live albums
  • Two compilation albums
  • Five video albums
  • 30 music videos
  • 17 EPs
  • 35 singles

Consequently, the band won around nine most prestigious music industry awards in 2011 and 2018.

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The band has earned six Billboard World Albums chart entries. The list includes Stalker (peaked at #11), Mono Scandal (peaked at #14), Collage (peaked at #12), Stop Girl (peaked at #14), The Special To Kissme (peaked at #14), and Dodora (peaked at #12). Apart from this, U-KISS also made its nine songs to the Billboard K-Pop Top 100 chart.

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