This band which is named Uni.T is into many genres like Korean pop, Dancehall, and Synthpop. It is one of the most famous female Korean Pop bands in Asia. Many people in Asian countries adore and love Korean bands. 208 bands originated in Korea itself. Many have gathered fame and popularity within such a short period. The rest of them are still in the league to win people’s hearts.

Debut history

Uni.T was formed in 2018 and is currently active. The band is from Seoul which is in South Korea. It is looked after by The Unit Culture and Industry Company. Before the band came into existence all its members were a part of the music industry. Woohee is the one who leads the band and who was also in the industry before this. You can get more info about their debut from the official site of Uni.T.


Uni.T member’s name

The band has 9 members. Most of them were a part of some other bands but left due to management and label issues. Later, The Unit Culture and Industry Company announced them as a band of 9 members. Here is the list of the names of the Uni.T members.

  • Yang Ji-won was a former Spica.
  • Woohee, she is the leader of the band.
  • Yoonjo was former Hello Venus.
  • ZN
  • NC. A
  • Hong Eul-jin
  • Yebin
  • Lee Hyun-Joo
  • And lastly, we have Lee Su-ji.

Uni.T member’s age

Now, that we know the names of all the 9 members of the band. It is time to know their ages and their birth month to understand more about them.

  • Yang Ji-won is 33 years old and her birth date is 5 April 1988.
  • Woohee, she is 29 years old and her birthday is on 21 November 1991.
  • Yoonjo, she is 28 years old and her birth date is 14 December 1992
  • ZN, she is 27 years old and her birthday is on 9 June 1994.
  • NC. A, she is 24 years old and her birth month is 7 October 1996.
  • Hong Eul-jin is 24 years old and her birthday is on 8 October 1996.
  • Yebin, she is 24 years old and her birth month is 13 July 1997.
  • Lee Hyun-Joo is 23 years old and her birthday is in Feb 1998.
  • And lastly, we have Lee Su-ji, she is 23 years old and her birthday is on 20 March 1998.
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Uni.T albums name

Here is a list of the recent and hit albums of Uni.T. Check it out.

  • Line
  • Begin with the end.

These albums are the episodes under which they have released so many songs as well. In this article below you will find their songs as well.


Uni.T songs list

If you have not listened to their songs, then you are missing out on some magical moments. Do listen to them and watch the videos of Uni.T songs. Here is a list of their songs.

  • No more
  • I mean
  • You & I
  • I mean instrumental
  • Begin with the end
  • Candy
  • Shine
  • Shine extended soundtrack
  • No more instrumental
  • A memory clock instrumental
  • Let us leave now

These are the hits songs of Uni.T. 

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