Weki Meki debuted in Aug 2017 and is often abbreviated as WEME. It’s one of the most popular girl bands out there in the industry now. The members were all part of a program by Fantagio Entertainment and were called i-Teen Girls. Their debut was with the EP Extended Play on Aug 8, 2017.

Weki Meki


Weki Meki Members

Ji Su Yeon

Stage name: Suyeon

She’s from Goyang, Korea, and has been educated at the Hanlim Multi Arts School.

Jung Hae Rim

Stage name: Elly

She’s an alumnus of the Sanbon High School and can speak fluent Japanese. She’s been a member of the TV Show Produce 101.

Choi Yoo Jung

Stage name: Yoojung

She’s originally from Guri, South Korea, and has studied at Seoul Music High School. She’s also appeared in the drama To Be Continued.

Kim Do Yeon

Stage name: Doyeon

She’s from Wonju, Korea, and an alumnus of Seoul School of Performing Arts. She’s also been a member of the TV show Produce 101, where she ranked 8th.

Lee Seo Jeong

Stage name: Se

She’s from Ansan, Korea. She’s performed in the music video Confession by Astro.

Kim Soo Kyung

Stage name: Lua

She’s been educated at Lila Arts School and knows gymnastics.

Kang So Run

Stage name: Rina

She’s from the Korean capital Seoul and has been a member of the dance team Nydance.

Noh Hyo Jung

Stage name is Lucy. She’s from Goyang, Korea, and has appeared in the music video “Like Today” by Astro.

Weki Meki

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Weki Meki ages

  • Ji Su Yeon: Age: 24
  • Jung Hae Rim: Age: 23
  • Choi Yoo Jung: Age: 22
  • Kim Do Yeon: Age: 22
  • Lee Seo Jeong: Age: 21
  • Kim Soo Kyung: Age: 21
  • Kang So Run: Age: 20
  • Noh Hyo Jung: Age: 19

Weki Meki albums

Mini albums:

  • Weme (released in 2017)
  • Lucky (released in 2018)
  • New Rules (released in 2020)
  • Hide and Seek (released in 2020)

Single albums:

  • Kiss, Kicks (released in 2018)
  • Lock End LOL (released in 2019)
  • Week End LOL (repackage) (released in 2019)

Digital singles:

  • Dazzle (released in 2020)

Promotional singles:

  • Butterfly (released in 2018)
  • The Girls Running (released in 2020)

Weki Weki songs

Weme album:

  • Don’t Like Your Girlfriend (title length: 3:19)
  • Pretty Boy (title length: 3:21)
  • Fantastic (title length: 3:43)
  • Stay With Me (title length: 3:35)
  • My World (title length: 3:29)
  • Neverland (title length: 3:31)

Lucky album:

  • Lucky (title length: 1:12)
  • Metronome (title length: 3:22)
  • La La La (title length: 2:50)
  • Butterfly (title length: 3:47)
  • Iron Boy (title length: 3:18)
  • Color Me (title length: 3:40)

Hide and Seek album:

  • Oopsy (title length: 3:14)
  • Dazzle Dazzle (title length: 3:09)
  • Youniverse (title length: 3:39)
  • Moya Moya (title length: 3:27)
  • The Paradise (title length: 2:56)

New Rules album:

  • Cool (title length: 3:29)
  • 100 Facts (title length: 3:45)
  • D-Day (title length: 2:49)
  • Sweet Dreams (title length: 3:32)
  • Just Us (title length: 3:23)

Kiss Kicks album:

  • Crush (title length: 3:16)
  • Dear (title length: 3:03)
  • True Valentine (title length: 4:17)

Lock End Lol album:

  • Picky Picky (title length: 3:16)
  • Petal Fortun (title length: 3:37)
  • Whatever U Want (title length: 3:57)

Week End Lol album:

  • Tiki-Taka (title length: 2:59)
  • Picky Picky (title length: 3:16)
  • Whatever U Want (title length: 3:57)
  • Petal Fortune (title length: 3:37)

Butterfly album

  • Butterfly original

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