You might know the K-pop industry by names such as Blackpink and BTS. However, only a true fan knows his roots and the OGs of the industry like Wonder Girls. Some people may recall this name as a South Korean k-pop group by JYP Entertainment. 

Wonder Girls

It was one of the most iconic groups typically renowned for its songs like Tell Me (2007), Nobody (2008), and 2 Different Tears. Their mesmerizing voice and ability to pull off any musical and visual concept is something that people miss. 

Wonder Girls debut

The band made its K-pop music industry debut in early 2007 with its first track Irony. It was undoubtedly a delight to watch them perform on the most popular MBC show, Music Core.

Before this, the group only had five members- Sunye, Sohee, Hyuna, Yeeun, and Sunmi. However, Hyerim later replaced Sunmi when she left the group in 2010. The group released its second studio album, Wonder World, in the year 2011.  

Wonder Girls members

  1. Sunmi

Of all the other members of this K-pop group, Sunmi was one of the active and prominent figures. Being the first member to venture out on a solo career, Sunmi received truckloads of love and appreciation for her songs.

Although her deviation for further studies made her leave the group in 2010, Sunmi later returned as a soloist. Many people consider her comeback in 2013 as the peak moment of her singing career.

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 Sunmi released 24 Hours and Full Moon before joining her girls again in 2015. It continued until the band disbanded in 2017, upon which Sunmi left JYP Entertainment to work with MAKEUS Entertainment.

  1. Yubin

Yubin or Kim Yu-bin, the rapper, joined Wonder Girls in 2007 and replaced Hyuna. People always said that the girl was destined to achieve all the success in the world. She proved the same by making significant contributions to the group.

During the 2-year break of the group, Yubin also made her acting debut in the OCN medical drama, The Virus. Her acting skills made her more popular than ever, leading to her role in the second season of the Unpretty Rapstar (2015).

  1. Sohee

Once stepped into the industry with a minor role in a short film, The Synesthesia For Overtone Construction, Sohee joined the group in 2017. Although she was a popular member of the group, Sohee is globally renowned for her acting skills.

  1. Yeeun

The last person revealed as a group member was Yeeun. It is known to only a few that she is the only one besides Sunmi who has witnessed all the ups and downs of her group.

Besides working with JYP, She released her first mini-album Me? as HA: TFELT. It gave the audience a chance to witness a more raw, artistic, and creative side of the singer.

  1. Hyelim

Hyelim joined the band in 2010. However, since she was not as active in solo promotions as others, she returned to her academic life after the disbandment. Apart from this, Heylim worked as the emcee for Arirang TV’s Pops In Seoul (2013-2014).

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Wonder Girls ages

  1. Sunmi

Date of birth- May 2, 1992

Age- 29 years

  1. Yubin

Date of birth- October 4, 1988

Age- 32 years

  1. Sohee

Date of birth- June 27, 1992

Age- 29 years

  1. Yeeun

Date of birth- May 26, 1989

Age- 32 years

  1. Hyelim

Date of birth- September 1, 1992

Age- 28 years


This globally recognized K-pop band released 18 albums in its 10-year journey.

  • The Wonder Years (2007)
  • Wonder World (2011)
  • Reboot (2015)
  • Seven single albums
  • Five digital single albums
  • Three mini albums
Wonder Girls


It is undeniable that Wonder Girls gave multiple music track hits to the K-pop music industry. Accordingly, they also won more than 20 most prestigious music awards of all time.

Wonder Girls merch

Although the band has stopped blessing us with its unique music after its disbandment, you can reignite your love and adoration once again. Today, anyone can buy merchandise to get their hands on trendy and Kawai apparel.

Wonder Girls shop

K-pop fans love to collect the merch and other products of their favorite bands. It not only fulfills their dreams but also supports their band in one way or another. Apart from this, you can also purchase Wonder stuff to praise their ten glorious years in the industry.