With the song “Flash,” this South Korean K-pop group made their Swing Entertainment debut on August 27, 2019. The band was then offered a 5-year contract. In the year 2019, CJ E&M founded the South Korean male k-pop group X1. The Mnet reality show “Produce X 101” inspired the formation of this ensemble. On August 27th, the trio released their first single, “Flash,” which was released in 2019. On January 6, 2020, the group was disbanded.


X1” members

This group has more members than any other K-pop music group, with, Song, Nam Do-Hyun, Han Seung-woo, Cha Jun-ho, Lee Han-Gyul, Son Dong-Pyo Kim Woo-Seok, Kang Min-hee, Hyeong-jun, and Lee Eun-San, Kim Yo-han, Cho Seung-Youn.

Birth History And Talents Of The Members

  1. Han Seung-woo was born on  December 24, 1994. He was known by his stage name, Seungwoo. He has got beautiful multi-talents and is a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and actor. 
  1. Cho Seung-you was born on August 5, 1996, known by the stage name  Woodz. Is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and record producer by profession.
  1. Kim Woo-Seok was born on  October 27, 1996, also known by his stage name Wooshin; he is a singer and an actor.
  1. Kim Yo-han, also known by his stage name, Yohan, was born on September 22, 1999; he is a singer and an actor.
  2. Lee Han-Gyul was born on December 7, 1999, and he has amazing talents in singing, dancing, and acrobatics.
  3. Cha Jun-Ho was born on July 9, 2002, and he is a beautiful singer from the band.
  4. Son Dong Pyo was born on  9 September 2002. He is a singer by profession.
  5. Lee Eun-Sang, a singer by profession, was born on Oct 26, 2002. He is a singer and is active in his singing profession.
  6. Song Hyeongjun, who was born on 30 November 2002, is a South Korean singer.
  1. Nam Do Hyun was born on November 10, 2004, and is a South Korean singer.
  1. Kang Min-hee was born on 17 September 2002 in South Korea and was a musical artist by profession.

X1 ages

Because ‘Emergency: Quantum Leap’ was such a hit, they were nominated for a slew of awards and won two in various categories. The band won the V-live Awards’ ‘Global Rookie top5 category in 2019. They took home the Mnet Asian Music Awards for “Worldwide Fan Favorite” (top10).

Artist of the Year, Best New Male Artist, Worldwide Icon of the Year, and Best New Artist Award were among the other categories in which they were nominated. In the year 2019, they were nominated for the Gaon Chart Music Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.

X1” albums 

On August 27, 2019, they released their first extended play, ‘Emergency: Quantum Leap.’ This can be purchased on CD, digital download, or streaming. The album’s songs are also available on social media and are trend-setters. In 2019, members of the band took part in Mnet’s Produce X101 and X1 Flash TV series.

X1” songs

‘Flash,’ a single from the album ‘Emergency: Quantum leap’ was released in 2019. ‘Flash’ was co-managed by ‘ Stone Music Entertainment. The other songs, sung by the team, were ‘Like Always,’ ‘U Got It,’’ I’m Here For You,’ ‘Move,’ ‘Stand-Up,’ all of them taken from the album, ‘Emergency: Quantum Leap.’These songs were released in 2019. The music video for ‘Flash’ was released in 2019 and was directed by Rigid Film. In 2020, Flash hit 100 million views on Youtube. It was given the title ‘ Fastest boy group debut music video’ for reaching these 100 million views.

X1 has produced several songs under the album Emergency: Quantum leap in the year 2019. Some of which are as follows:

  •  Stand Up
  •  I’m here for you
  • Move
  • U Got It
  •  Flash

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